25 Things a Children’s Pastor’s Must Do this Summer

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I know what you’re thinking,”25 more things?” Well these 25 “must do activities” are really fun suggestions that could help you reconnect with your inner child. As children’s ministers, we should think like our sheep. That’s hard to do at times, especially when we get busy with grown up life, ministry and family.
Our top 25 summer bucket list is a great way to simplify your summer living—and just be a kid again.

  1. Run through the sprinkler.
  2. Go star gazing—on purpose. Find a good place to see the starry skies and take a blanket.
  3. Read a book you loved as a child.
  4. Attend someone else’s kids’ crusade or VBS and just enjoy the service.
  5. Paint a wooden birdhouse.
  6. Grow a seed in a cup.
  7. Play with your food.
  8. Make root beer floats.
  9. Cut and glue a “Places I Want to Go” collage.
  10. Re-read your old journals.
  11. Go toy shopping, for yourself!
  12. Build a sandcastle.
  13. Treasure hunt at a thrift store. (Make a list of things you want to find before you go like a teacup, rocking horse, etc. You don’t have to buy them, just mark them off your list.)
  14. Eat a hot dog.
  15. Look at the clouds and find as many animals and shapes as possible.
  16. Watch Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang.
  17. Listen to the music you liked as a kid, without worrying about being embarrassed.
  18. Dance! Dance! Dance!
  19. Go a whole day without doing chores.
  20. Reconnect with a childhood friend.
  21. Make a pinecone bird feeder.
  22. Buy a Sears catalog and make a Christmas wish list.
  23. Pat your head while rubbing your stomach.
  24. Watch a classic movie that makes you cry or laugh like, “Ol Yeller” or “The Apple Dumpling Gang.”
  25. Visit a kids’ museum or a party palace and have fun.

There’s nothing wrong with being a kid again, in fact, it may de-stress you. Even if you can’t do all 25, pick 5 that you can do and get started. Summer is passing by!

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