Helping Kids Worship: Entering the Worship Zone

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Taking kids to a deeper place in God with worship is my heart’s desire! Like so many of you, some of my most healing, profound moments have occurred in the worship-zone. However, leading others to this same place of God’s Presence can be so difficult, at least, it can feel that way. Honestly, as a children’s pastor with 15 years plus under her belt, I have had to learn (and remind myself) that much of that journey has to be discovered by the individual. Still as the leader, I do my best to create an atmosphere of worship in kids’ church. I never know when I’ll witness a worship breakthrough, I have to always be ready.
If you have an interest in helping kids worship, some adjustments or changes may be in order. I’m sure there are tons of great, creative ideas out there but these few have helped me tremendously.
Make your ministry child-friendly. I know, I know. It’s ministry to children, of course it’s friendly to kids. Well, maybe not. Sometimes we end up with signage and tables that are way too high for small kids to access. Could your facility be hindering worship? Are the chairs comfortable? Is the restroom tidy? Believe it or not, all of these everyday factors can make a difference. Maybe taking a tour of the facility and viewing things from a kids’ perspective could help.
Re-evaluate your expectations. Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees! As you pray for your children’s worship experience, how are you visualizing that? In other words, are you relying on a physical manifestation to confirm that kids have entered worship? I love it when we all leave our facility dabbing our eyes with tissues and smiling with joy but that doesn’t always happen. Kids often have a quiet faith, quiet expressions of worship. Let God affirm you in this area!
Talk about the awkwardness of worship. You aren’t the only one who has difficulty pressing in sometimes. Kids do too! It may help to mention that sometimes worshiping God feels awkward, especially with other people around. But do encourage kids and let them know that the awkwardness will fade as they focus on God.
Try practical changes. Could dimming the lights or lighting a candle help create an environment of worship? Are all your volunteers facing the kids? That can feel intimidating. Move the volunteers around so that they are standing among the kids, worshiping too. Of course, they may have to keep one eye on the most active kids.
I’m so glad you are committed to leading to kids into the worship-zone! You can do it!

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