4 Hula Hoop Games for Kids Ministry

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Hula Hoop games for kids
When you have a dozen pairs of curious eyes staring at you and the lesson is over–you need a game. I know that scenario happens to me and quite frequently. No matter how hard you plan, I always need one more activity or game. Rather than dreaming up something complicated or even expensive, reach for some hula hoops. Inexpensive and easy to find, the hula hoop is a fun tool to work with. I often use these four hula hoop games when I have more time than schedule. Ready to give them a swing or toss?
Hula Hoop Toss
For this game, you need a wide space. Kids line up to take a turn tossing the hoop. The goal is to ring an object, like a cone or bean bag. Tossing a hula hoop isn’t as easy as it sounds! The child to ring the item or get the closest is the winner. It’s always fun to pit the boys against the girls too!
Ring the Hoops
Okay this fun game is simple too. Lay a few hula hoops on the floor in different positions. I recommend making one close and one a bit further away. Choose a start line where kids must stand or if you prefer, use masking tape to tape a line on the floor. One at a time, kids must toss bean bags or a whiffle ball to toss into the hoops. If someone rings the hoop that is furthest away they get double points. Each child should toss the ball a three times. Keep up with the points to determine the winner.
Jump the Hoops
Like a football training camp, this game is a test in dexterity. Lay an even number of hula hoops on the floor, four or six would be great. The children must step in each hoop to get to the finish line. They could also hop on one foot or both feet to get to the end. It’s not really a points game, just something for fun!
Hula Contest
Now this game is super competitive. Pair kids up play some peppy music. Once the music starts they must hula hoop as long as they can. Keep the game moving by pairing up new people. Bring the kids who hula hooped the longest back together for a hoop off.
These hula hoop games are fun and don’t require too much planning. They are a fantastic resource for someone who needs a few activities in a pinch! Have fun!
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