8th Commandment Coloring Page: You Shall Not Steal

This PDF is part of our free 10 Commandments Coloring Book for children. It’s part of our large selection of free resources that teach the TEN commandments for kids.

You shall not steal - coloring page
“Do Not Steal” Coloring Page on the 8th Commandment

Our picture for the Eight Commandment features a modern day scene. The illustration shows a young girl standing in a supermarket beside the candy display. In the background her mother is busy and would not see the child stealing a bar of candy.

This drawing is designed to spark a conversation with kids about stealing and temptation. You could discuss the young girl’s situation and how remembering God’s commandment can help them do the right thing.

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This commandment is found in Exodus 20:15.

You shall not steal.

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