"A Dad's Gotta Do What a Dad's Gotta Do"

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"A Dad's Gotta Do What a Dad's Gotta Do" Book ReviewFellow children’s pastor Mark Jones just sent me a copy of his book, “A Dad’s Gotta Do What a Dad’s Gotta Do.”
I normally don’t write book reviews, but Mark is a friend and this book was a fun read with my kids.
So, here’s what I like about this book:

  • I’m a grouchy dad, especially in the morning. This book helps me think about my morning routine and ho
  • w I might do better showing love to my own kids.
  • The illustrations are simple and large enough to read to a group of kids. That’s a big help when you’re reading to a big family.
  • This book reminds me that God gets a little “bonkers” in showing love to his children. That’s a thought that wakes me up a little too.
  • Mark’s donating all the profits of this project to charity.

You can learn more about the book on his website or leave a question or comment below. It’s also available on Amazon.

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