3 More "Fruit of the Spirit" Activities

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Fruit of the Spirit Activities for Kids
Bearing spiritual fruit is proof that God is at work in your life! Even though they are small, this Bible principle applies to kids, too. However, kids won’t know about developing spiritual fruit if we don’t teach them. Include these fruit of the Spirit activities in your next lesson and watch the “spiritual lightbulbs” come one. This fun, playful ideas will get everyone involved and hungry for spiritual fruit. Remember, the fruits of the Spirit are: love, self-control, goodness, peace, joy, gentleness, kindness, patience, and faithfulness.
Fruit Basket Turnover: Write the fruits on paper. You’ll need two copies of them. Cut them out and give the slips of paper to the kids. Tell them not to compare or show anyone else the papers. Place a chair in the middle of the room. As you call out a fruit, kids whose fruit you call have to race to get to the chair first. After a few turns, swap out the fruits and play again. It’s a fast-paced fun game. (Do encourage kids to play nicely.)
A Fruit Collage: You need magazines and a few posterboards for this activity. You’ll also need glue and scissors. Divide kids into small groups and tell them to find fruits in the magazines. Kids should cut out the fruit and arrange them on the board. Use glue sticks to apply fruits to the posterboard.
Mix a Fruit Salad: This is a great object lesson to use to demonstrate the fruits of the Spirit and how they work together. Assign different fruit a bowl and tape the name of the “fruit” on the outside. For example, a bowl of diced apples could be “joy.” Talk about how all the fruits work together, how God will multiply them in us if we let Him. Mix the fruits together in a big bowl, talking about each one as you go. Serve up the fruit salad and enjoy a healthy snack together.
Teaching about the fruit of the Spirit is essential to seeing kids grow into their God-purpose. You can do it!
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  1. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Our Impact Ardmore youth have been studying Fruit of the Spirit. Your lessons and activities have made this fun to learn and have offered so many wonderful teaching ideas.
    Bless You!

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