Best Advice to a New Kids Pastor

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childrens-ministerCongratulations and welcome to ministry! I’m sure you know quite a lot about children’s ministry already but it can’t hurt to hear a few tips. I have been working with children for almost 20 years and I can assure you that is a satisfying and rewarding occupation.

  1. Children love the Lord and they love those that serve him. To encourage you along the way, I wanted to offer my best advice to a new children’s pastor. Maybe these tips will help you avoid heartache later.
  2. Plant yourself. Know where you are supposed to serve and be faithful in that area. Whether children’s ministry is only on Sundays or if you work at a private Christian school all week long, be faithful to your calling.
  3. Make yourself accountable. You’ll be tempted to get lost in the wonderful world of ministry but don’t do that. Make yourself accountable to others like your senior pastor or your children’s ministry director. That accountability should include checking in on your prayer life, Bible reading and all areas of your personal growth in God. Stay connected to some kind of discipleship or leadership class. It helps with the accountability!
  4. Daily devotions are never optional. You will find that in some seasons of life you’ll be tempted to teach out of your personal devotional time. That’s not advisable. As a minister you handle two types of bread. One bread that is intended for you and the other bread intended for those you serve. It’s like having two baskets on the table. One is your bread and one breadbasket belongs to those you serve. Keep those baskets separate. You’ll be glad you did.
  5. Have a big vision and be people minded. Once while I was searching for an arts and crafts director, I had the opportunity to interview a volunteer that had experience as a rodeo clown. I could have “shoehorned” her into an arts and crafts position as she was such a creative person but that was not the right fit for her. She loved clowning! Instead of arts and crafts director, I got a clown! Be willing to create a ministry that utilizes the gifts and talents available to you.
  6. Pay attention to the spiritual condition of your children. As children’s ministers we need to be sensitive to what our children are experiencing. It is not unusual for seasons of discouragement or confusion or even tragedies to affect the children’s church. Be aware of what your kids are thinking and feeling and be prepared to address those issues.

These are just a few pieces of advice to help the new children’s pastor get established. You can do this!
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