All Things New: 4-Lesson Bible Study for Kids on the New Creation & Heaven

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Through the “All Things New” children’s ministry curriculum, kids can discover what a joyous eternity with God will be like! With four engaging sessions, this curriculum will help children explore and gain an exciting understanding of Scripture’s view of heaven. Use this Biblical-based resource to share the hope of eternity with your church or Sunday school kids. They’ll learn how glorious it will be to one day join God in his New Creation!

This new series is available for immediate download from the Sunday School Store in the NIV, KJV, or ESV translations. Use the file below to download or print the free sample lesson PDF.

4-Bible Lesson Overview

This week, we will delve into the theme of renewal and how it will impact different aspects of our lives and the world at Jesus’ Second Coming. First, we will explore how the renewal will affect nature itself in the New Creation, as described in Isaiah 11:6-9. We will compare the current state of creation to God’s original design when He called it “good.”

Next, we will examine the New Jerusalem described in Revelation 21:2-3 and how the renewal will impact God’s relationship with His people, the church. The New Jerusalem is a time when God will finally dwell among His people, likened to a bride and the temple. We will delve into these themes and how they relate to the renewal.

In Philippians 3:20-21, we will explore how the renewal will affect our own bodies, specifically looking at the new body Jesus received upon His resurrection and what that means for our own resurrected bodies in heaven. We will consider the similarities and differences between our current bodies and the new bodies we will receive, and the freedom from the effects of sin that they will provide.

Finally, we will delve into the renewal of our hearts, as discussed in Ezekiel 36:26. We will examine the current state of our hearts and how God intends to transform them, both in the future when Jesus returns and in the present as the renewal process begins.

Teach Kids What the Bible Says about Heaven

Learning about the New Creation and Heaven can be a great source of hope and joy for children. When they understand these concepts from the Bible, it helps them to develop a greater appreciation and excitement for their eternal relationship with God. Teaching kids about eternity in a kid-friendly setting is a sure way to help them understand that this life isn’t all there is. It gives them an assurance that someday, they will join God in Heaven and experience His perfect new creation!

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