Bible Characters Flipbook

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Bible Character Flipbook
Learning the different characters of the Bible is important for children. I will be working through the Bible characters with my children at home as well as with the children in my classes at church. I wanted something fun for the kids to learn about some of the major characters in the Bible. So I created this flip book.

It’s something that you can print out and copy for each of your children/students. Cut along the top and bottom lines and fold in the middle, keeping the Bible names on top. Then it gets glued onto another piece of paper or construction paper. After it’s glued, cut along the dotted lined, making sure to only cut through the first layer.
Once everything is glued, now you can start to study each of the Bible characters as you go through the pages. There are 13 pages of Bible characters written in alphabetical order. Have the children look up the Bible verses written beside the person’s name and discuss what the verses are teaching about the person. Lift the flap and then have them write a little about the person underneath the name.
This is a great way to have a lot of information about a lot of different Bible characters. This is something, also, that you can use to “test” them on their knowledge of the Bible characters after you’re done going through all of them. Make it into a book and it’ll be a wonderful book to take home to go over with their parents.
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