Bible Lesson on Trusting in God (Psalm 25)

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trusting God lesson - Psalm 25
This children’s Bible study is based on Psalm 25 and will help children learn to trust God with their daily lives. It is designed for any elementary aged Sunday School class, but you could easily modify the content for children’s church or other age groups. Please leave us a comment to share your experience or offer tips for other readers.
Learning Aim: Children will learn the importance of being fully dependent upon God. They will examine a life (David) that was dependent on God and see what a life dependent on God looks like. Children will learn they can depend on the LORD Jesus Christ in hard times.
Gospel Connection: This passage focuses on the goodness of God and the ineptness of humans. David understands that his life is nothing without God. The Lord will forgive his sinful past and help him in times of need. David knows that he is nothing without God. He is fully dependent on God who deserves all the praise and glory.

Lesson Title:   Psalm 25
Bible Reference: Psalm 25 or other Bible verses about depending on God
Target Age Group: Elementary School
Learning Context: Sunday School
Target Time Frame: One Hour

Memory Verse: “All the ways of the Lord are loving and faithful for those who keep the demands of his covenant.” Psalm 25:10
Basic Supply List:

  1. Bible
  2. Balloons
  3. Red Construction Paper
  4. White Paper
  5. Scissors
  6. Glue
  7. Markers/crayons/colored pencils
  8. Flashlight

Note: In the teaching plan below the words in italics are meant to be read aloud. The regular text is simply directions for the teacher.

Depending on God Bible Lesson for Kids

Introduction:  Begin the class by singing a praise song of your choice with the children.  Tell them that we are going to be reading a Psalm today, which is like a song.  It was written by David, who was a king many years ago.  David loved God very much.    
Biblical Evidence: Begin the lesson by reading Psalm 25:1-3.  Say, David knows that he can trust the Lord just because He is God.  He knows that God will take care of him no matter what and that he cannot have eternal life without God. 
Next read 25:4-7.  Say, David knows that he has sin in his life and has done things wrong in the past.  He understands that he needs God to forgive him for these sins.  He wants God to show him the way to live so that he will be closer to God and less likely to sin. 
Next read 25:8-15.  Say, David understands that the Lord is good.  God deserves all of his praise and he cannot do anything good without God.  David isn’t perfect.  Sometimes he does things wrong.  David needs God to guide him through life. 
Next read 25:16-22.  Say, David understands that he needs God in every part of his life.  Without God, David’s enemies will crush him.  God will give David the strength that he needs to overcome his enemies, the hope to overcome his fears, and peace when he is troubled. 
Flashlight Freeze Tag:  God is there for us when we are in need, just like he was there for David.  Tell the children that God is watching out for them no matter where they go.  He sees them when they are sad, hurt or afraid.  To help the children understand this, play a game of flashlight freeze tag.  To play this game pick one child to be it.  Pick one child to be the flashlight.  It will chase all of the other students around the play area.  When it tags a child that child must freeze.  This child will remain frozen until the flashlight comes and shines the light on them, then they are free to go.  The game is over when everyone is frozen or when the children lose interest.  Say, God is like the flashlight.  He is always with us and ready to help us when we have trouble. 
Heart Craft:  Make a lift the flap heart craft by cutting out 1 large paper heart per child.  Attach the top of the heart to a piece of white paper.  Underneath the heart, write (or have the children write) the Bible verse, Psalm 25:10.  Allow the children to decorate the heart and remaining paper in any way you choose.
Memory Verse Review: Display and read the memory verse with the class.  “All the ways of the Lord are loving and faithful for those who keep the demands of the covenant.”  Psalm 25:10.  Say, God is loving and willing to help us in times of need, but he also wants us to be faithful and keep all of the covenants in the Bible.  We cannot do this without God’s help. We should always try to keep ourselves in God’s will, just like we are trying to keep these balloons off the floor. To play this game blow up a few balloons and challenge the class to see how long they can keep them in the air.  Once a balloon touches the floor take it out of the game.  When all of the balloons have touched the floor challenge the kids to play again and try to keep the balloons in the air longer than before.      
Closing:  Close by asking the class what they have learned today.  Tell them that God loves them very much and that he will be there for them.  Remind them that God also wants us to trust him and follow his commandments.  David understood that he needed God in his life and the children need God too.  When they depend on God and do what he tells them to do, he will be faithful in guiding them.  Finally, pray with the children.  Say, Lord, please watch over these children and help them understand that they need you.  Help them to seek you in every part of their lives.  We are thankful that you are loving and faithful. Amen.

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