Lesson & Craft: The Spiritual Discipline of Bible Reading

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Girl reading Bible
This simple lesson plan will help introduce children to the concept of “spiritual disciplines” with a particular focus on the importance of Bible Reading. It’s designed for a smaller group of children, but could be adapted for any Sunday School or Children’s Church setting.

Bible Topic: Reading the Bible
Scripture: Psalm 119:105
Target Age Group: Elementary (1st -5th grade)
Learning Context: Any small group setting like Sunday School
Target Time Frame: 30 minutes
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Lesson Objective: Children will learn about the spiritual discipline of reading the Bible.
Introduction: Begin the lesson by reading the key verse to the children. For older elementary, encourage a volunteer to read this verse to the group.
Hold up a map and ask children what a map is used for.  Allow the children to answer.  Redirect their answers, if necessary.  Talk with the children about a map helping us know where to go if we are lost or if we are going on a trip.  Explain that the map leads us, or guides our path so that we know which way to go.
Explain: Read Psalm 119:105 again.  Explain that the Bible is just like a map!  It is the map that we use to help us know how to live Christian lives.  Tell the children that God’s word (The Bible) is useful for telling us how to live our lives so that we may become more like Jesus!  We should strive to read the Bible every day so that we can know what God says in the Bible.
He wrote the Bible for all of us – kids and adults – so that we can know more about Him.  Some of you in here may not be able to read some of the words in the Bible yet because you are just getting started reading.  Luke 11:28 says, “Blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it!”  You can have your parents or another adult read the Bible to you if you are not able to read it yourself!
The important thing is that you are learning from the Bible and what it has to say.  As you get older, it will be important that you find a time all by yourself to read the Bible so that you can learn what God is saying to you.  For now, you may have a family devotional time each evening before you go to bed (or at another time that is convenient for your family) so that you are learning what is in the Bible.
As you read the Bible, it is also important to make sure that you understand what you are reading.  Be sure to ask questions about the text.  Try to retell the story in your own words to make sure you don’t leave out details.  Ask questions like: who is telling the story or who is the story about?  What happened in the story? Is this story taking place in the New Testament or the Old Testament?  How/what can I learn from this story?
The Bible is God’s special book for us, and we should honor Him by taking the time to see what it says!  Imagine that a friend writes you a letter, telling you what a great friend you are.  But instead of reading the letter, you stick it in a drawer somewhere and never open it.  You would never know that your friend thinks you are a great friend!  If we don’t read our Bible, it is like never opening the letter from our friend.  We won’t know what God is telling us about how to live for Him if we don’t read what the Bible has to say.

Craft about Bible Reading

Reproduce lamp printout for children. (Click here to download)  Have them fill in the Bible verse on the page as a reminder that God’s word is a guide for our path and that’s the reason it is important for us to read it!
You can also do motions to help kids remember the verse (hands face up together for Bible, hold hand like you are holding a lantern, point to feet, hold hands up over head palms facing out, face hands towards each other as if you are making a path and point them forward).

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