Bible Verse Review Game: Ball Toss Over Friend

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Bible verse review game for children's church.
This little review game is a little twist on the standard ball toss game. You can watch the video below for a visual demonstration. We used it in children’s church in connection with our Bible lesson on Psalm 118:24. Leave your own comments below to help us improve this idea for other readers.
Supplies: Soft plastic balls, rubber dish tub, children
After working with a Bible verse during the lesson, we used this activity to close out children’s church and have some fun while practicing our memory verse.
I always leave the verse displayed on the wall where the children can read. For younger kids, we allow an older friend to whisper the verse to them as they say it. The point is not to preform the verse but to have fun learning it.
Each volunteer who recites the verse will get to toss three balls. Place the plastic tub around 4 ft away from the child.
Have them choose a friend to be their partner during the game. They will lay down on their back between the ball tosser and the plastic tub.  After the balls are tossed, applaud their effort and have the children switch places. The other child should also recite the verse before they toss.

Safety Note: Be sure the balls are soft flexible plastic. The children should use an underhanded toss and not a baseball pitch. Make sure they aim for the bucket and not their friend’s face. Redirect any child who attempts and aggressive throw.
Variations: To get more kids involved you could choose teams of three children. Each one could toss one ball while the other two are on the ground. This would help accommodate a larger group in a shorter amount of time.

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