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If you are one of our US readers, then you know that the Government in America is really good at chasing it’s tail.
Kinda like a cute puppy with some developmental issues.
But as a Christian, I am glad to submit to earthly authorities (Romans 13 style) as long as they don’t contradict King Jesus.
The US Federal Trade Commission has made a rule about blogs and giving full disclosure when they endorse products. This post is our attempt to fully honor their authority.
This website is first and foremost a ministry. All our content is free to read, print, and use in  your local church. We want to help people who are serving in local church children’s ministry. God has blessed us with some income through several different channels. We show ads from Google, accept sponsors, and even get free books from WTSbooks. This income supports our web hosting, allows me to pay a small fee to some of our writers, and helps pay for the education of my 5 children. There are also some generous publishers who donate books, music, or CDs for us to review/giveaway on the site.
More and more publishers are sending me free items to review on the site. In each case I will disclose that fact and give you my honest opinion. If possible, I’ll even pass on the gift to our readers through a giveaway. My VBS theme reviews are always independent and reflect the research I am doing for my own church.
I routinely reject advertisers who’s products are not relevant to our audience. This can be tricky with the Google Ads, so let me know if you every see a weird one.
Every month, many thousands of readers use our free lesson plans and materials to improve their children’s ministry. As the business side of this website expands, we are able to create even more free content to share with the world. I thank God for this wonderful opportunity to serve his people.
All this is our way of saying we value integrity. I appreciate your trust in reading our site and want to put your interests first. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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  1. So excited to find your site! We are beginning our third year of inner City work with very low income kid in a gang neighborhood. We call it Anaheim Bible Club and God has blessed our efforts. I was led to teach The Fruits of the Spirit this Fall and found your lessons. Thank you so much for your help and that you are FREE!

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