153 Children's Ministry Websites & Blogs

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Welcome to the exhaustive list of kids ministry blogs – updated March 2019. We started with 101 but ended up listing 153 different sites about ministry to children! Happy browsing.


#1 Children’s Ministry (dot com)

The most widely read magazine in children’s ministry also has an amazing blog! Their content is a virtual education in ministry to kids. Of course you’ll find some of the best writers and leaders in the field. The print publication is required reading, now the blog has become something you don’t want to miss.

Top Post of 2018: 13 Quick Games to Create Instant Fun for Everyone!
Link Rank: 5th
Social Media Rank: 6th

#2 Kids Ministry 101

This site lives up to it’s name – a great place for beginners to learn the ropes and prepare themselves for more effective ministry to children. LifeWay is a pioneer in church resources and serves an amazing number of congregations throughout the United States, now their blogs are serving many  readers online each and every day.

Top Post of 2018: The ABCs of Salvation is not the Gospel
Link Rank: 8th
Social Media Rank: 5th

#3 Sam Luce

He’s among the most sincere and humble people I’ve met in ministry, it’s no surprise his blog has stood the test of time. Every week you can come back to find new wisdom and a true friend to walk beside you in the your ministry. It’s no small accomplishment for a single author to have this kind of impact. This is not a blog you want to forget!

Top Post of 2018: There is No Such Thing as a Pastor’s Kid
Link Rank: 15th
Social Media Rank: 11th

#4 Relevant Children’s Ministry

Dale Hudson is another worthy model for kids ministry. I remember this blog when it launched and how it’s always been focused on helping others improve their service to God’s kids. The author is not shy to tackle controversy, but always with the grace you’d expect from a veteran in church ministry.

Top Post of 2018: Are Your Cute Lessons Turning Kids into Atheists?
Link Rank: 41st
Social Media Rank: 8th

#5 AWANA blog

There are few names more recognizable names in children’s ministry than AWANA. This program of Bible memory has been serving kids for generations. Their frequent blog posts are a great way to serve a new generation of church leaders. Even if you don’t use their material, you’ll find helpful content on this blog.

Top Post of 2018: Youth on the March!
Link Rank: 15th
Social Media Rank: 16th

#6 The Parent Cue

The first major exception on our list. This blog is more focused on Christian parenting, but the insights are every bit as applicable to those serving in local churches. Besides, many ministry leaders are the same parents hauling van loads of kids the rest of the week. Not to mention, this is a project backed by the people at ORANGE.

Top Post of 2018: Parenting Dangerously Close to Empty
Link Rank: 8th
Social Media Rank: 3rd

#7 Mr. Mark’s Classroom

Another solo blogger in the top 10, Mark Jones is an exceptional teacher (for both kids and other ministry leaders). He posts frequent video blogs and has hundreds of ready-to-use ideas for local churches. This is a site you’ll want to remember and visit often. You’ll be blessed if you get a chance to meet Mark at a conference or event.

Top Post of 2018: Fat Heads are Here!
Link Rank: 22nd
Social Media Rank: 30th

#7.5 Key Ministry – A Church for Every Child

Leave it to those special needs advocates to break the mold — and we are so thankful they did. The team from Key Ministry has done an amazing work advocating for the children in you’re ministry who often get overlooked (like I just overlooked their amazing blog in my original listing). Church should be for every child. As a special needs parent (multiple times), I’m so thankful for the content on this blog.

Top Post of 2018: It’s the hidden disabilities that keep kids out of church
Link Rank: 30th
Social Media Rank: 2nd

#8 Super Church

Mark Harper has put together a great team of writers who are truly “experts in kidmin.” They sell curriculum, but the larger outreach of their blog is impressive. They answer questions, share ideas, and constantly find ways to serve their website visitors. Just browse their latest articles and you’ll find plenty to keep you coming back.

Top Post of 2018: A New Assignment for Mark & Debbie
Link Rank: 15th
Social Media Rank: 29th

#9 Crafting the Word of God

Hands on activities are a major part of children’s ministry – there are few better ways to engage a variety of learning styles while teaching the priceless truths of God’s Word. This blog will flood you with original ideas, how-to projects, and endless inspiration. Don’t struggle to find crafts with your Bible lessons, visit this site.

Top Post of 2018: Paper Plate Lazarus
Link Rank: 35th
Social Media Rank: 9th

#10 Bible Based Homeschooling

There are no shortage of homeschool blogs, but this one is unique in connecting the message of the Gospel to everything they teach. I’m making an exception to include it because so many preschool teachers in Sunday School need this content. Start with their search box and look for the Bible character, passages, or theme you’re teaching.

Top Post of 2018: Little Pilgrims Theology
Link Rank: 11th
Social Media Rank: 28th

#11 Group’s Children’s Ministry Blog

Not to be confused with the Children’s Ministry magazine blog (ranked #1), this is another excellent resource from Group Publishing. In fact, it was a tie for #10 but we sorted by domain name as a tiebreaker. You’ll find tips for using their Easy VBS, but plenty of great articles no matter what curriculum your church uses.

Top Post of 2018: 13 Ways to Save Your VBS Budget from Wrecking
Link Rank: 35th
Social Media Rank: 4th

#12 Jelly Telly Parents

We’re a big fan of Phil Vischer’s projects (three of his sites are in the top #25). Jelly Telly’s blog is focused on Christian parents, but everything they post is just as relevant to church based children’s ministry. This blog has an all-star team of writers that never fail to deliver relevant content.

Top Post of 2018: Should Christians Celebrate Hanukkah
Link Rank: 30th
Social Media Rank: 10th

#13 Orange Leaders

This is the umbrella blog for several of the other excellent Orange blogs (see #26 and #28). If you’re a fan of the Orange ministry approach (home + church working together), then you’ll love everything they post. Many of the speakers from their conference contribute articles. Following this website is an easy way to keep your ministry vision clear.

Top Post of 2018: 3 Ways to Impact a Middle Schooler’s Identity and Faith 
Link Rank: 30th
Social Media Rank: 14th

#14 Children’s Ministry Online

Kenny Conley was one of the original bloggers who inspired me when building our website. His blog remains an incredible resource for anyone serving in church ministry. It’s also one of the best designed on our ranking list (yes we looked at that too!) The only thing that kept this blog out of the top 5 was his less frequent posting this last year.

Top Post of 2018: Super Volunteers
Link Rank: 22nd
Social Media Rank: 45th

#15 Christianity Cove 

I think of this as more a resource website, it even has a paid membership option. But Mary Kate is not shy to give away great content on the free blog pages. She does an amazing job of making all the material hassle-free and the highest quality. That explains the strong following on Facebook and Pinterest.

Top Post of 2018: Shadow Puppets Experiment 
Link Rank: 1st
Social Media Rank: 65th

#16 Church Leaders Children’s Ministry

This is not an original blog like others listed, but it collects some of the best articles from dozens of other websites to share on their pages. They have a massive reach on social media and make sure posts get shared far and wide.  They have been a friend to many of the bloggers listed in our rankings.

Top Post of 2018: 100 Bible Games (with videos) Kids Will Love in Sunday School
Link Rank: 27th
Social Media Rank: 1st

#17 Growing Kids Ministry

Lindsey is another solo blogger in our top #25 and she has earned it. I’ve watched this site since it was new and it’s growth has been impressive. For good reason, you’ll find hundreds of practical ideas you can use in your children’s ministry this weekend. Don’t miss all the excellent free material on this website.

Top Post of 2018: Waiting on God’s Timing (A Bible Lesson about David)
Link Rank: 5th
Social Media Rank: 65th

#18 Hubbard’s Cupboard

This blog is ideal for preschool through kindergarten ministry, even if the focus is on Christian homeschooling. Since this site was started way back in 2000, you’ll find countless ideas for scripture memory and teaching basic Bible truths. There are countless printables, simply find what you want and print the PDF.

Top Post of 2018: History Notebook Pages
Link Rank: 3rd
Social Media Rank: 39th

#19 Truth 78: Children’s Desiring God Blog

You may know “Children’s Desiring God” for their theologically driven curriculum for Sunday School. Maybe you’ve tried the “Fighter Verse” memory program in your church. Their blog comes from the same God-centered focus. Jill and Sally have high standards and will challenge you to make the big truths of God’s character central.

Top Post of 2018: Four Reasons to Use a Printed Bible When Teaching Children and Youth
Link Rank: 30th
Social Media Rank: 24th

#20 Phil Vicher’s Bog

If we type his name enough, maybe one day we’ll get it right! This is the personal blog of the man behind Veggie Tales, Jelly Telly, and What’s in the Bible. His creative energy and heart for making a lasting difference is evident on every post. While you’re reading, dive into any episode of his amazing podcast.

Top Post of 2018: Episode 278 Writing Hymns with Kieth Getty 
Link Rank: 15th
Social Media Rank: 45th

#21 Kids & Divorce Blog

Ministry to hurting kids is such an important topic, even if we don’t realize it. Every Sunday kids come to church with lives in transition. I’m so thankful for this blog that raises these issues and champions doing the hard work of ministry (where it really matters). Don’t miss #49 if “Hope for Hurting Kids” which has a similar focus.

Top Post of 2018: Little People Need a Big People Advocate During the Holidays
Link Rank: 35th
Social Media Rank: 25th

#22 Illustrated Children’s Ministry

I was blown away the first time I saw one of their banner sized Bible story illustrations. Adam is using his talents to enrich the church in a beautiful way. Now their ministry has a helpful blog that explores how the arts can be a vehicle for knowing and sharing the Gospel. This is truly a unique voice in the world of children’s ministry.

Top Post of 2018: Psalms Coloring Posters for Lent
Link Rank: 58th
Social Media Rank: 2nd

#23 What’s in the Bible Blog

You’ve seen the DVDs that skillfully combine puppets, video production, and serious Biblical theology. You don’t want to miss the blog from this same team. They offer specific help for using their material, but also share real wisdom for doing ministry in the local church context.  Also a Phil Vicher project (!!!) that guy is amazing.

Top Post of 2018: Psalm 97:12 Coloring Pages for November
Link Rank: 22nd
Social Media Rank: 43rd

 #24 Hillsong Kids Blog

This one is new to me. I knew Hillsong sets the standard in children’s worship music and I knew that David Wakerley (#68) is an absolute pioneer of kidmin blogging. What is new for me is all the excellent ideas and encouragement you’ll find on the Hillsong Kids blog. Just browse their latest posts to find content second to none.

Top Post of 2018: Kids!
Link Rank: 58th
Social Media Rank: 7th

#25 Creative Bible Studies

This site is right on the edge for inclusion, but once you read it you’ll see it’s 100% relevant for local church children’s ministry. Too much of the formal education process has interrupted how we communicate God’s Word. This blog is a welcome antidote. If you want to be a better teacher, then you should be following their posts.

Top Post 2018: The Easter Story with Easter Bible Verses
Link Rank: 11th
Social Media Rank: 58th


Rank Blog Page Considered Combined Raw Points
(lower is better)
1 http://childrensministry.com/blogs 0.50
2 https://kidsministry.lifeway.com/ 1.50
3 http://samluce.com/ 3.00
4 http://www.relevantchildrensministry.com/ 14.50
5 http://blog.awana.org/ 15.50
6 http://theparentcue.org/ 15.50
7 http://mrmarksclassroom.com/ 16.00
7.5* http://www.keyministry.org/ 16.5
8 http://www.superchurch.com/ 17.00
9 http://craftingthewordofgod.com/ 17.00
10 http://biblebasedhomeschooling.com/ 19.50
11 https://wwv.group.com/childrens-ministry/blog/ 19.50
12 https://www.jellytelly.com/blog 20.00
13 http://orangeblogs.org/orangeleaders/ 22.00
14 http://childrensministryonline.com/ 23.50
15 http://www.christianitycove.com/ 24.00
16 http://www.churchleaders.com/children/ 24.00
17 http://www.growingkidsministry.com/ 25.00
18 http://www.hubbardscupboard.org/ 26.00
19 http://blog.childrendesiringgod.org/ 27.00
20 http://philvischer.com/ 30.00
21 http://blog.dc4k.org/ 30.00
22 https://www.illustratedchildrensministry.com/blog/ 30.00
23 http://whatsinthebible.com/blog/ 32.50
24 https://hillsong.com/kids/all/blogs/ 32.50
25 http://www.creativebiblestudy.com/ 34.50
26 http://orangeblogs.org/firstlook/ 34.50
27 https://www.kidology.org/podcast/ 36.00
28 http://orangeblogs.org/252basics/ 36.50
29 http://mintools.com/ 37.00
30 http://www.glenysnellist.com/ 38.00
31 http://scottsbricks.blogspot.com/ 38.00
32 http://www.discipleblog.com/ 39.50
33 http://catholicblogger1.blogspot.com/ 40.00
34 http://preteenministry.net/ 40.00
35 http://leadsmall.org/ 43.00
35.5* https://d6family.com/blog/ 43.50
36 http://share.ctainc.com/ 44.00
37 http://www.jesus-without-language.net/blog/ 44.50
38 http://kidsinministry.org/ 45.00
39 http://www.trainupthechild.org/ 46.50
40 https://www.churchhousecollection.com/ 46.50
41 http://kidzmatter.com/ 46.50
42 https://www.futureflyingsaucers.com/blog-2/ 47.00
43 http://nickblevins.com/ 47.00
44 http://www.sundayschoolcrafts.net/ 49.50
45 http://hookedonthebook.com/ 50.00
46 http://www.childrensministryleader.com/ 50.00
47 http://flamecreativekids.blogspot.co.uk/ 50.50
48 https://disciplr.com/blog 50.50
49 https://hope4hurtingkids.com/ 50.50
49.5* http://ministryark.com/ 50.50
50 http://jeremymavis.com/ 52.50
51 https://incm.org/blog/ 52.50
52 http://www.brennaphillips.com/ 53.00
53 http://www.mattmckee.me/ 53.00
54 http://wellequippedvolunteer.com/ 53.50
55 http://wesleyankids.org/ 53.50
56 http://itspastormatt.com/ 56.50
57 http://jennyfunderburke.com/blog/ 56.50
58 http://waynestocks.com/ 57.50
59 http://cmbuzz.com/ 57.50
60 http://worshipingwithchildren.blogspot.com/ 60.00
61 http://kidologist.com/ 60.00
62 https://coloringpagesbymradron.blogspot.com/ 61.50
63 http://wordforlifesays.com/ 61.50
64 http://revivalfire4kids.com/ 62.00
65 http://www.justynsmith.com/ 62.00
66 https://church4everychild.org/ 62.50
67 http://missionbibleclass.org/ 63.00
68 http://www.davidwakerley.com/ 64.50
68.5* https://coreyrayjones.com/ 64.50
69 http://annaangela.com/ 66.00
70 http://handsonbibleteacher.blogspot.com/ 66.00
71 http://kidsermons.com/ 66.00
72 http://www.kidtrek-sundayplus.org/ 66.50
73 ? Not Found ? 67.00
74 http://www.toddmckeever.com/ 67.00
75 http://www.ginamcclain.com/ 67.00
76 http://sojournkids.com/ 68.00
77 https://papergiftsforestefany.wordpress.com/ 68.00
78 http://jcisonline.com/ 68.00
79 http://cogop.org/children/category/blogs/ 68.00
80 http://www.jamiedoyle.com/ 68.50
81 http://www.aboutthechildrensdepartment.com/ 69.50
82 https://highvoltagekids.com/blog/ 71.00
83 http://scripturelady.com/category/the-blog/ 71.50
83.5* http://doingkidsminbetter.com 72.00
84 http://pastorronbrooks.com/ 73.50
84.5* http://doingkidsminbetter.com/ 73.50
85 http://kidminspiration.com/ 73.50
86 http://www.lemonlimekids.com/ 74.50
87 http://exploreandexpress-sheila.blogspot.com/ 74.50
88 http://www.blogcommanderbill.net/ 74.50
89 http://www.danscottblog.com/ 74.50
90 http://girlsminister.com/ 75.00
91 http://kidmintools.com/ 76.50
92 http://www.mattmo.org/ 77.00
92.5* http://www.sundayschoolrevolutionary.com/ 77.5
92.5* https://www.genonministries.org/blogs/blog 78.00
93 http://childrenshourbooks.blogspot.com/ 79.00
94 http://www.kidsofintegrity.com/blog 79.00
95 http://dandibell.com/ 80.00
96 http://www.brookhickle.com/ 80.00
97 http://ptbump.com/ 80.50
97.5* https://theologicallyblonde.wordpress.com/ 81.00
98 http://www.briandollar.com/ 81.50
99 http://www.kidhelper.com/ 82.00
100 http://differentway4kids.blogspot.com/ 83.50
101 http://faithfilledfreebies.blogspot.com/ 83.50
102 http://bibleclasscreations.blogspot.com/ 83.50
103 http://mikejohnsonsblog.com/ 85.50
104 http://jasonbyerly.com/ 86.00
104.5* http://colorthebible.blogspot.com/ 87.5
105 http://www.melissajmacdonald.com/ 86.50
106 http://bibledrivethru.blogspot.com/ 88.00
107 http://www.lynnehoward.com/ 89.50
108 https://kids.healthychurch.com/ 89.50
109 http://drgrcevich.wordpress.com/ 89.50
110 http://jeffmcclung.com/ 89.50
111 http://graceandwondering.com/ 89.50
111.5* http://kidmincorinne.com/blog/ 90.00
112 http://jimwideman.com/blog-2/ 92.50
113 http://childspla.blogspot.com/ 93.50
114 http://littlepeoplebigword.com/ 94.00
115 http://www.spencerclick.com/ 95.00
116 http://katiewetherbee.wordpress.com/ 95.00
117 http://truministry.com/family-ministry-conversations/ 96.50
118 https://glenwoods.wordpress.com/ 98.50
118.5* https://deeperkidmin.com/blog/ 98.50
119 http://crossroadskidsclub.net/blog/ 98.50
120 http://www.heidimhensley.com/ 99.50
121 http://riversedgecurriculum.wordpress.com/ 99.50
122 http://raisekidsforchrist.com/ 101.50
123 http://trevorlee.me/ 101.50
124 http://www.natefietzer.com/ 101.50
125 http://www.yancynotnancy.com/category/blog/ 104.00
126 http://kidminandculture.wordpress.com/ 104.00
127 http://kidsministrymatters.blogspot.com/ 104.00
128 http://tinapoint.blogspot.com/ 106.00
129 http://morethanpuppets.com/ 106.00
130 http://www.brandonmaddux.com/ 106.00
131 http://kidtrekasp.wordpress.com/ 108.00
132 http://biblehelps.blogspot.com/ 108.00
133 https://corycenter.org/blog/ 108.00
134 http://gloriaslee.com/ 108.00
135 http://www.gregjbaird.com/ 108.00
136 http://michellepullins.com/ 108.00
137 http://www.thoughtsbytimotheous.blogspot.com/ 110.50
138 http://www.capcitykidz.com/ 110.50
139 http://www.frogspot.com/blog/ 110.50
140 http://www.simplekidmin.com/ 110.50
141 http://www.chelseyholland.blogspot.com/ 111.50
142 http://lifeinakidzworld.com/ 112.00
143 http://childrensministerblog.com/ 113.00
144 http://ministryandlife.wordpress.com/ 113.00
145 http://sunlightkids.wordpress.com/ 113.00
146 http://maryricehopkins.blogspot.com/ 113.00
147 http://chypsministry.wordpress.com/ 116.00
148 http://www.kidslifeministries.blogspot.com/ 116.00
149 http://effectivechildrensministry.org/ 117.50
150 http://www.simplykidsministry.com/ 117.50
151 http://tinavbryson.blogspot.com/ 118.50
152 http://kidminoffice.com/ 119.00
153 http://www.herbyoung.blogspot.com/ 120.00

*Late entry due to editorial oversight .


This is our largest and most ambitious ranking of blogs to date. I hope you will enjoy this list and share it far and wide. We dug deeper to find those missing gems and cut back on many sites that have gone offline.  I reviewed over 200 websites for inclusion – scroll down past the list to see my criteria.
Please visit as many of these bloggers as possible and tell them that you appreciate their work!
This post features the those amazing bloggers – we hope you will visit them all. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment about your favorite (or even to dispute my rankings). This is all about fun and encouraging our ministry peers who share ideas freely online. If you made the list, don’t forget to grab your badge. We also have the a higher resolution JPEG for the Top 25 and Top 150.
First, I’ll highlight the top 25 of the list, be sure to scroll down and visit all the excellent websites who made our rankings. The “Link Rank” and “Social Media Rank” were two of our key filters when making the score composite. Lower numbers are higher rankings.

How We Made the Rankings

Full disclosure – this list was all my fault even if sometimes I type “we” to be less repetitive.
First, I started to rethink what it means to be a blogger. With click bait taking over the Internet, what kind of website provides real value to our ministry peers? The following were my criteria and quality checklist.
How do I define “blog”?

  • shares information to enrich others (helpful posts & not just selling product)
  • listens and encourages community (open comments & social media engagement )
  • embraces cooperation over competition (links to other blogs)
  • personal more than corporate (writers are real people)
  • user friendly design (I can find the real content)
  • free content versus paid sites (there is room for both, but we focused on the open sites)
  • frequent updates or stale content (recent blog posts)

From that framework, I reviewed each site listed many times over several weeks. Here’s what I was evaluating:

  • They must be primarily about children’s ministry (aka telling kids about Jesus)
    • Many parenting, homeschooling, and family ministry sites fit this category — but I’ve tried to limit to those sites that self-identify with the children’s ministry programs of local churches. Some exceptions were made for bloggers who got started in children’s ministry.
  • Page Authority from MOZ score (html link popularity)
  • Social Engagements on Buzzsumo (social media popularity)
  • My personal grading based on the blog definition above (which equaled about 20% of the final scores)

My ideal blogger is someone like Sam Luce, he’s just writing to share the overflow from his own local church ministry and encourage all his ministry peers who are serving in God’s Kingdom.

Some Likely Questions

Which page am I ranking? For traditional blogs, the homepages have the latest content. For more commercial sites, the blog can be a sub-page. We looked for what page represents the starting point for regular blog readers. For each site I’m linking the page that I ranked. When commercial sites were included I tried to grade mainly on the free blog content.
Does lack of blogging mean lack of quality curriculum? Blogging is not for everyone. Some excellent curriculum publishers don’t do much blogging, so they don’t get a great ranking on this list. But they serve the kidmin community in important ways (magazines, great material, conferences, social media sites, etc…). This list is meant to recognize all the great bloggers in the often ignored topic of children’s ministry and applaud their online contribution to the ministry of others.
For example, Kidology is a super important website about children’s ministry. But Karl’s work predates blogging and has more of a bulletin board format. It’s amazing but different, so it doesn’t get enough credit based on our criteria. I wanted to include the site (because it does have great free content) but the score doesn’t reflect the overall value of Karl’s work.
This is a far from perfect system, but I’ll risk any criticism. Remember this list is for fun and encouragement!
Can new sites be added? –  Yes yes yes, this is a work in progress. I need your help. Please let me know about any blogs I’ve missed and I’m happy to make edits through the end of 2018. If a new blog ranks higher, I’ll just create a tie. That way the list gets better, new blogs get their recognition, and nobody loses out no their “ranking.”
I’ve already added a couple in the first hour after this post went live. They are marked with a * beside their rank. Congratulations!

Get Your Badge

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top children's ministry blogs

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  1. Check out Deeperkidmin.com as another great resource for childrenโ€™s ministry leaders! Weekly blog posts with weekly free downloads/printables.

  2. I’d love for you to check out my blog doingkidsminbetter.com. No idea if it ranks, but I enjoy blogging every week ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Thank you so much for this EXCELLENT and ANOINTED WEBSITE. I so appreciate all the work of your Ministry. I am so grateful to the LORD for you all.
    ALOHA (from Hawaii)

  4. The title image and badge both have “ministry” misspelled. Do you have a version with the word spelled correctly?

  5. Thanks again for letting me know! That was 100% my fault (no spell check on my graphics program). Got it fixed now. God bless

  6. Do you know of any blogs that specifically revue christian childrens books only as a church childrens library tool? Or maybe ive found the blog I need to create.

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