Children & Prayer: What are real kids praying about?

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Prayer is our direct connection with God. As children grow spiritually we teach them to call on their Father in Heaven. Sometimes the honesty of these prayers reminds us what Jesus meant by the faith of a child. Here is an amazing video that features the real prayers that children pray.
This is the kind of video that really encourages me in children’s ministry. It is so important for us grown-up to lead the children to know there is a God who cares about them. When children pray – God listens.

Video: The Real Prayers of Children

Video Description: Recently the children of Granger Community Church were asked to write a prayer to God. Take a glimpse into what our own children are thinking, feeling and wishing. It’s a whole new perspective that makes you stop and question “What matters most?”

Kids Pray With Honesty

What grabs my attention in this video is the complete honesty that kids have when speaking with God. It’s so hard as a grown-up to really open up like that, even when praying. Here are a few of the children’s prayers that really caught my attention.
Dear God,
Give me a mom and a dad. (I’m a foster kid.)
~ age 5
Please help me walk away from the bullies at school.
~ age 10
Please help me be smarter.
~ age 9
Dear God,
Will my mom get laid off?
~ age 10
Dear God,
Please help my grandma who has all timers because it keeps getting worse.
Dear God,
When I’m scared, will you hold my hand?
~ age 4
Dear God,
Can my mommy not be in heaven, but just up the store so she can come home soon?
There are many more of these children prayers that are so powerful to see. It is a reminder of how important prayer is for kids. When the whole world doesn’t make sense children need to know that they can turn to God in prayer.

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