Children's Church Games

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You’ve worked hard on your Kids Church lesson, but you still need to find one more fun activity to round out the hour. If you have served in children’s ministry for long, then you know that down time is the enemy. One great strategy is to always have additional learning activities or games.
Also check out our listing of free Sunday School games for kids.
This page points to hundreds of free church game ideas that can help. Please leave a comment below if you know of more resources like this

Video Demonstations

  • Encouragement Game: This is a simple game I’ve used to teach the kids about building up others. I first used it to help some of my foster children to use positive words – a great need!
  • Object Freeze Tag Game: This is a fun spin on classic tag. With a few simple items you can make it work in your VBS or children’s ministry.
  • Captain Midnight Game for Kids Ministry: This is a large group game that works best if you have a gym or outside area.
  • “That’s Impossible” Game for Children’s Church: This basketball inspired game will teach kids they need Jesus’ help to obey the Bible.

More Children’s Church Games

  • 9 Classic Group Games for Kids: You don’t need to start from scratch with every game. Try one of the classics and add your own twist. With a little creative thinking, these could be tied in with your teaching.
  • Kid’s Sunday School Place lists 20+ game ideas for children’s church, plus many more in their membership areas. Some of these games will require you to plan ahead. I recommend having several games always on standby for when you need them. This website is a solid resource and very user friendly.
  • eBibleTeacher has several pages of learning activities that features several helpful review games for children’s church lessons. These are more on the educational side rather than the energy-burning sort of games.
  • Children’s Church Games is a whole website dedicated to games for children’s ministry. Unfortunately the selection is somewhat limited. But if you check it out you will find several good ideas.
  • Children’s Church Ministry lists several games for children’s church. The selection is small, but I’m linking it just in case you need more ideas.

More Games for Children’s Church?

I hope this list of web resources was helpful. If you find another site that offers free Sunday school games, please leave a comment below to let other readers know about it.

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