"Silent Football" Game for Kids

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Here is another great “backpocket” game to play with kids when you need them to settle down and/or kill time. The game is called Silent Football. Many of you have perhaps heard of this game. Here is how it works:
– Have the kids sit in a tight circle
– Explain that the point of the game is to pass around an invisible football.
– The way you pass the ball is to slap your leg with your hand.
– If you slap your left leg one time the invisible ball is passed to the person next to you on your left. If you slap your right leg one time the invisible ball is passed to the person to your right.
– If you slap your leg twice, it skips the person beside you and goes to the next person and goes round and round the circle.
– If someone slaps their leg when it’s not their turn or someone does not slap when they are supposed to any person in the circle may raise their hand and make an “accusation.”
– When the player raises their hand they can “accuse” the person who did not follow the rules.
– The adult present acts as the commissioner. When a person accuses another player this is how it must go:
– “Mr. Commissioner, I accuse Johnny Baptist of not slapping his leg when he was supposed to…” or “Mr. Commissioner, I accuse Susie Church for slapping her leg when she was not supposed to.”
– If these accusations are correct the guilty must sit in the middle of the circle. If the accusation is incorrect or the accuser did not say the accusation in the proper form (for instance, not saying “Mr. Commissioner”) then that player goes into the center of the circle.
– Once there are three players in the center of the circle then a player gets to decide that kids’ “punishment.” Ideas are to make them sing “I’m a little teapot” or “The Barney Song,” etc…something good natured and funny.
If the game starts to get stale or predictable you can allow the players to slap their legs three or even four times.
Have fun with Silent Football!

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