Object Lesson about Lying (Proverbs 12:22) Kids Bible Object Lesson

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Use this children’s sermon with props to teach kids about lying. It’s based on Proverbs 12:22, “The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in people who are trustworthy.”

Lying Children’s Sermon with Props

You can find more children’s sermons on Pastor Robbie’s YouTube channel called, “Family Moments.”

Here’s the transcript of this children’s sermon on lying.

hey everyone welcome to another exciting
of family moments where we use really
object lessons that teach the truth
what matters most exactly and today
we’re going to have some fun learning
about this
george washington and abe lincoln
oh no oh hold on hold on where you going
my mom told me not to talk about
in politics uh well we’re gonna talk
about what these guys
had in common okay that’s a different
story now what are you doing both of
those guys had their faces and money
i figured you were gonna pay me pay you
you know for my acting i’m in the union
oh brother
hey kids pastor robbie here my regular
sadie is gone for the week so instead we
have special guest partner
cameron joining us hello and today
we’re going to talk about
lying lying is that why you showed me
the picture of washington and lincoln
exactly both those guys were presidents
and yes both of them have their picture
on money
but they are also both known for their
they are yes you’re probably familiar
with the story of what happened to
george washington when he was young
oh you mean the one when he was six
years old
he got a new hat and he chopped
down his dad’s favorite cherry tree
and then he apologized with saying i
cannot tell a lie
yes that’s the story never heard of it
well certainly you remember abraham
lincoln’s most popular nickname
oh yes the great emancipator no not that
the real splitter no not that one
the liberator no i’m talking about
honest abe
oh yeah i forgot about that one
wait a minute neither of those guys are
in the bible you’re right but lying is
it is yes let’s take a look at today’s
it comes from proverbs 12 22 where it
the lord detests or hates lying lifts
but he delights in or loves people who
are trustworthy
wow thank goodness i don’t ever lie you
hardly ever are you sure absolutely
you can even test me if you want well as
a matter of fact
i just happen to have my handy-dandy lie
detector test with me today
a handy dandy lie detector test what’s
well it’s a little machine i invented
where you take this helmet
put it on your head and then every time
you tell the truth
the green light lights up if you tell a
lie the red light lights up in the horn
oh yeah let’s give it a try once put
this on your head like this
plug that in and now think of something
and tell us something that’s
true i like ice cream
i like pizza
i like anchovies
this is cool yeah i’m thinking about
making a whole bunch of them for the
what you know so they can use them on
their kids don’t you think that’s a good
uh sure well maybe
hmm what’s the matter i thought you
always told the truth
i do well mostly
oh man does this mean god hates me
no but he certainly loves it when we
tell the truth
this verse is warning us about the
danger of lying
so you’re saying it’s okay to lie a
well now the problem is little lies
sometimes turn into bigger lies to cover
up the earlier lies
what do you mean well let’s say that you
forgot to do your homework
and so you tell your teacher a little
lie you tell her that the dog ate your
yeah we don’t even have a dog and then
she asks you well what kind of dog do
you have
and you have to lie again and you say uh
we’ve got a german shepherd
and then she says you know what why
don’t i give your mom a call and see how
the dog’s doing
and now you have to lie again and tell
her that well i think my mom’s out of
town today
me and i’m lying like crazy yeah do you
see how one little lie
can turn into a whole bunch more i guess
it’s probably better
not to lie in the first place exactly
telling the truth is a beautiful thing
so cameron what did you learn today i
learned that god loves it when he can
trust us and the best way to do that is
to tell the truth
exactly and once you start telling lies
they can keep
growing and growing and growing very
i find the best thing to do is to always
tell the truth
and you’ll be fine oh good then you
won’t mind putting this
on what oh wait a minute now hold on
what’s the matter are you scared no i’m
not scared
a fire away have you ever cried during a
cried during a movie now well maybe once
next question what did you think of your
wife’s roast beef last night my wife’s
roast beef it was delicious
well it was pretty good next question
are you afraid of the dark no i’m not
afraid of the dark
uh next question are you a good dancer
i’m a great dancer
have you ever fallen asleep in church no
i’ve never fallen asleep
what what’s going on here oh man what’s
going on
don’t worry what the
we’ll see you around

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