Bible Object Lesson on Anger (Luke 6:45) Mentos & Coke Object Lesson for Kids

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Use this Bible object lesson to teach kids about anger. It’s based on Luke 6:45, “A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.”

Mentos & Coke Bible Object Lesson about Anger

You can find more children’s sermons on Pastor Robbie’s YouTube channel called, “Family Moments.”

Here’s the transcript of this children’s sermon on anger.

hey everyone welcome to another exciting
episode of family moments where we use
really cool object lessons that teach
the tube about what matters most exactly
and today we’re gonna talk about this
diet coke can I have some no not right
oh okay I mean we need this for our
lesson today it’s okay I was just well I
guess a little wouldn’t
gee thanks it’s really hard to say no
when people are nice hey kids
pastor Robby here along with my lovely
assistant and wonderful daughter Sadie
hello and today we’re gonna talk about
anger anger you mean the Bible talks
about that absolutely since we are all
born with sin inside of us it’s pretty
natural to be selfish especially for
kids is that why kids throw temper
tantrums yeah because when they don’t
get what they want it’s pretty normal
for them to be upset and so they scream
and they yell and they stomp around and
they pout thank goodness we all grow out
of that well not everyone have you ever
seen an adult good man oh yeah it’s not
pretty and in fact sometimes I still get
mad is that wrong
well feelings are normal and anger is a
feeling but for wise we learn how to
control that feeling how are we supposed
to do that
let’s say but you’re in the room
watching your favorite TV show and your
brother walks in and immediately changes
the channel how does that make you feel
I’d probably get mad and start yelling
at him hmm I mean I hate it when people
interrupt scooby-doo it’s my favorite
show what am I supposed to do well to
find that answer we can look at the
day’s verse which comes from proverbs
15:1 where it says a gentle answer turns
away wrath but a harsh word stirs up
anger in other words if you yell at him
what do you think he’s gonna do probably
yell back at me
exactly this verse is telling us that
yelling only makes things worse
it’d be a lot smarter to respond gently
it’s really hard for somebody to get mad
at you if you’re nice to them well
that’s easier said than done how am I
supposed to do that good question
because it doesn’t come naturally I’ll
say we do it by storing up good in our
heart Stewie what are you talking about
well Luke 6:45 says a good man brings
good things out of the good stored up in
his heart and an evil man brings evil
things out of the evil stored up in his
heart for the mouth speaks what the
heart is full of we store up good by
drawing close to God by reading the
Bible by praying so you’re saying the
more we study Jesus and where we’re
gonna act like him exactly
Jesus tells us not to sin in our anger
instead we should love our enemies
because the mouth speaks what the heart
is full of let me demonstrate this for
you with a little object lesson I like
to call popping off at the mouth what
we’re gonna need is two bottles of Diet
Coke and a few Mentos this first bottle
has been sitting around for a while with
the lid off so all the carbonation has
gone out in this bottle is supposed to
be someone who has been storing up good
things in his heart the second bottle
has kept the lid on and has anger and
bitterness in its heart and these Mentos
are supposed to be harsh words from
other people in fact we’re just gonna
write on here ugly word ugly is another
way of saying harsh and watch what
happens when we drop an ugly word into
someone who’s been storing up good in
their heart no explosion huh nothing
happened but let’s see what happens if
we drop just one ugly word into someone
with a hard heart
I wonder why
Wow that was quite a mess he exploded
all over you yeah I guess ugly words
really do stir up anger you got that
right great pop lesson I mean great
lesson path so Sadie what have you
learned today I learned that saying ugly
things to others only gets someone mad
back at me but a kind answer it makes
anger go away exactly and the best way
to learn how to say nice things is to
train my heart by reading my Bible and
spending time with Jesus very good the
mouth speaks what the heart is full of
you mean like at the beginning when I
asked you for some diet coke and he said
no but because I was nice you ended up
giving me some right for example how
would you act if I asked you for some
diet coke and you said no instead of
responding nicely I responded by saying
I said I want some diet coke and I want
it now
I said for example we’ll see you around

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