Bible Object Lesson on Faith (2 Corinthians 4:18)

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Use this children’s Bible object lesson with props to teach kids about faith. It’s based on 2 Corinthians 4:18, “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

Bible Object Lesson about Faith & Trusting Jesus

You can find more children’s sermons on Pastor Robbie’s YouTube channel called, “Family Moments.”

Here is the transcript for this children’s object lesson about faith in Jesus.

hey everyone welcome to another exciting
episode of family moments where we use
really cool object lessons that teach
the truth about what matters most
exactly did the day we’ve got a lesson
that’s really out of sight out of sight
you know tip hit Ruby Ruby far out
dad I think you’re the one that’s fine
thanks of touch hey kids
pastor Ravi here along with my lovely
assistant and wonderful daughter Sadie
hello and the day we are gonna talk
about faith oh I’m gay been named faith
are we talking about her no faith is a
girl’s first name but we’re not gonna
talk about her in fact do you even know
what the word faith means I don’t
believe so actually faith is when you do
believe so what faith is just another
word for believing or trusting remember
last week will be covered the ABCs of
salvation yeah we learned that getting
saved means a and many we as sinners be
believing Jesus died for punishments and
C choosing to follow him exactly and so
we believe or follow Jesus that means
we’re putting our faith in Him that’s
kind of a big deal right yeah like a
really big deal what Jesus died on the
cross for our sins that was pretty
incredible but what was even more
amazing was that later he came back to
life have you ever known anybody who’s
died then come back to life no I think
about it no I mean it’s impossible right
well when he first came back to life and
appeared to the disciples they were
shocked but that’s when their faith
really began to grow
so they all saw Jesus come back from the
dead with their own eyes
no wonder they believed not all of them
I mean when he first appeared Thomas
wasn’t in the room he was one of the
disciples and later they told Thomas hey
Jesus came back
hit him illegal no wonder they call him
doubting Thomas
yeah but later he came back and Thomas
was in the room and that’s when he
started to believe because he saw him
with his own eyes exactly and then jesus
said the most interesting thing he said
because you have seen you have believed
but blessed are those who have not seen
yet still believe sounds like us yeah I
mean I’ve never seen Jesus you’ve never
seen him yeah you might wait so why do
we believe because we have faith that
God’s Word is true we don’t always have
to see to believe
it sure does help though well that’s
where faith comes in for example do you
trust me of course I trust you really
yeah why what did you have in mind well
then the question is how much do you
trust me
for example let’s let’s take this cup
here and I need a little water so
there’s some water right there I’ll fit
you with me I’m gonna fill this cup with
water like this okay and now I’m going
to take this cup full of water and hold
it over your head turn it upside down
and you won’t get wet you gonna do what
I’m gonna take this cup full of water
hold it over your head turn it upside
down and you won’t get wet I don’t think
so what happened to your faith well I
trust you but come on if you hold that
cup over my head and turn it over I’m
gonna get soaked Oh child you have
little faith will you trust me
alright I’ll trust you excellent
here we go three two one oh that’s
amazing how did you do that I told you
you could trust me I put some slush
powder in the bottom of this Cup which
turns solid when liquid hits it
wow that’s amazing it’s the same stuff
that used to make diapers oh that’s nice
to know following Jesus means putting
our faith in Him and trusting him even
when it doesn’t always make sense like
coming back from the dead
exactly let me show you a couple more
fun examples like what do you see on the
table over there I think that’s you rube
excute isn’t it looks like it but seeing
isn’t always believing let me show you
come on see it looks like my Rubik’s
Cube we’ll watch this what the so faith
is like a magic trick no faith is about
believing in the truth even when it
doesn’t always make sense but how do we
know what’s true the best way is to
always be reading your Bible let me show
you what I mean take a look these
pictures here see if you can tell me
what they are
I can’t tell what they are okay let’s
pretend that this little grid here is
the Bible okay and if we started looking
at things through the Bible’s lens we’re
gonna start to see things differently
watch say to take this grid and slide it
slowly across the top of each one of
these pictures one at a time okay
Wow oh man how does it do that look at
that amazing
whoa that is cool
oh man how does it do that
Wow because right along with today’s
Bible verse which comes from second
Corinthians 4:18 where it says so we fix
our eyes not on what is seen but on what
is unseen for what is seen is temporary
but what is unseen is eternal eternal
means it will last forever
like heaven just because we can’t see
Jesus or heaven doesn’t mean they don’t
sounds like jugs just because you can’t
see them doesn’t mean they’re not there
good point we certainly take germs
seriously that’s how we should take
Jesus – I have to admit those pictures
were pretty out of sight I was going to
say cool that works too so Sadie what
have you learned today I learned that
well scene is believing faith is really
about believing in the truth you got
that right
it’s all about faith belief trust so dad
be just me Horace I trust you then let
me give this trick a shot huh fill it
with water a second think I forgot about
the slush powder
go away dad Halima but next time Ruby
see you around

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