Object Lesson on Fear (Psalm 55:22) Kids Object Lesson

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Use this Bible object lesson to teach kids about overcoming fear. It’s based on Psalm 55:22, “Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.”

Children’s Sermon about Fear / How to be Brave

You can find more children’s sermons on Pastor Robbie’s YouTube channel called, “Family Moments.”

Here is the transcript for this children’s sermon on fear.

Hey everyone, welcome back to our new series called Family Moments, where we
use really cool object lessons . . . that teach the truth about what matters most.
What’s wrong with you? I have a dentist appointment coming up and I’m
a little scared. Sadie, it is nothing to be afraid of. But what if I’ve got a cavity,
or I need a shot, I have to get a tooth pulled? Sadie, you gotta be brave and face your
fears. It’s no big deal. And when’s your appointment? I don’t know.
Mom just gave me this note and . . .Wait a minute. This appointments not for
you. It’s for me! That’s great! But what if I have like a cavity, or I gotta get
a shot, or maybe get a tooth pulled? You gotta be brave, face your fears. It’s not that
big of a deal. It is now. Why’s that? Because it involves me!
Hey kids, Pastor Robbie here along with my lovely assistant and wonderful daughter,
Sadie. Hello. And today we’re gonna learn a little bit about . . . Fear! I was afraid you were
going to say that. No need to be afraid because we’re actually gonna learn what
to do if we are afraid. It’s a lesson about being brave Oh what a relief
because I have a few fears of my own. Oh really? Like what? Like spiders and snakes
to start with. I know a lot of people who are afraid of spiders and snakes. No big
deal. And thunder and lightning. All very normal. And dogs and bugs, and heights and
needles, and germs and sickness, and clouds and clowns, and be alone and being in the
dark, and gettihng bad grades . . . whoa, whoa, whoa . . . and monsters under the bed. Monsters
under the bed? Okay I know they’re not real, but it’s still pretty scary. I mean
what are you afraid of? I’m afraid we’re not gonna have enough time to get this
video completed. Very funny. Sounds like you’re afraid of telling me
what you’re afraid of. Well, if you must know, I’m a little
afraid of water. Water? Well just a little. I mean I just don’t like getting wet.
Me neither. You’re gonna love today then. Oh no. What are we doing? It’s a really cool
object lesson called “Bottoms Up” where we will need a clear glass, a small piece of
cardboard, and a tiny little bit of water. Wait! That’s not tiny a little bit of
water. That’s a lot of water! Aren’t you scared of getting wet? Normally I might
be, but this is a great chance to teach others how to be brave. If you say so.
Hold on a second. What the? Put that away, would ya? Now let’s take
our glass here. I’m gonna hold it over your head and turn it upside down. Are
you afraid yet? Not yet. Good. (boing) Sorry about that. Remember those fears
you had? These are your fears we talked about: spiders and snakes. We talked about
thunder and lightning, got a whole list, we had dogs and bugs, and heights and
needles, and germs and sickness, and crowds and clowns, and being alone, being
in the dark, and getting bad grades. Oh don’t forget the monsters under the bed.
And the monsters under the bed. Wow, that’s a lot of water. There are a lot of
things in this world that we can be afraid of. Especially lately. Yeah, did you
know that jesus said “In this world you will have trouble,” but we shouldn’t worry
because he’s overcome the world ? Overcome the world? Yeah, that means he’s larger
than all of our fears. Oh. Just like, remember a while ago, I took this cup
held it over your head and turned it upside down? No big deal, right? Yeah. What
do you think would happen if . . . Whoa! Sadie, what are we supposed to do if we’re afraid? Uh for
starters, not turn that glass upside down. Well let’s take a look at the day’s
verse and see what that says. It comes from Psalm 55:22 where it says, “Cast your
cares upon the Lord and He will sustain you; he will not let the righteous be
shaken.” So what does that mean? It means we don’t have to be afraid. We can be
brave instead. We can take our fears and give them the Lord.
Oh, you mean by praying? Exactly. Instead of worrying,
we should pray that God would take our fears away.
Like let”s pretend this little piece of cardboard here is our prayers. We can
take our prayers and put them right over the top of our fears. Now let’s see what
happens? You’re not going to . . . Be brave, child. Ta da!
That’s amazing! How does it work? The air creates a suction that pulls the
cardboard right up against the rim of the glass. Oh so the air is like the Holy
Spirit. You can’t see it, but it’s always protecting us. Exactly. Kids at home, when
we’re done with this video I want you to think of three things that you’re afraid
of? Parents, you can do the same thing. And then why don’t you cast your cares upon
the Lord and pray that he will help you to be brave. So does that mean bad things
will never happen if we pray? No, it simply means that we need to stop
wasting so much time worrying. Instead learn to trust God with all of our
problems. For example, even though I am afraid of
water, I can still trust God to protect me. That’s impressive.
Well, let’s pray. Jesus, we thank you for being bigger than all of our problems,
and for allowing us to take our worries to you. We praise you and trust you, and
thank you for your love for each one of us. Amen. So how long will that cardboard stay up ther? Oh, that’s on
pretty tight. See? As long as you don’t like bump it or anything . . . You want to try that again? No, I
think we’re done. So what should I do with this extra water? Just get rid of it.
We are all out of time for today, folks . . . (splash) I meant in the sink. Oh. . . . We’ll
see you around.

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