Bible Object Lesson on Obeying God’s Word (Luke 11:28) for Kids Lesson

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Use this children’s sermon when teaching kids about obedience. It’s based on Luke 11:28 where Jesus said, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.” Compare John 8:47 scripture about hearing the words of Jesus Christ.

Children’s Sermon about Obedience to God

YouTube video

You can find more children’s sermons on Pastor Robbie’s YouTube channel called, “Family Moments.”

Here’s the transcript of this children’s sermon on obeying.

welcome back everyone to another
exciting episode of family moments where
we use really cool object lessons that
teach the truth about what matters most
exactly today we’ve got a lesson you’re
absolutely gonna love oh boy about what
it means to obey obey obey oh great ya
know hey kids
pastor Robby here along with my lovely
assistant and wonderful daughter Sadie
hello and today we’re gonna talk about
what it means to obey Sadie you ever
heard of that word
are you kidding that’s like my job
obeying my parents it is a pretty simple
job description that along with homework
choice table manners TV restrictions I
could go on no need I think we get the
idea sometimes it seems like all I do is
obey why do we have all these crazy
rules anyhow great question
the answer is because I love you what
you love me yep
then stop with all these rules would ya
I can’t wait Tom a full-fledged adult I
Got News for you adults have rules too
what I thought I’d get to do whatever I
oh you can do whatever you want right
now I can yeah it’s just that if you
don’t follow the rules you may end up
getting punished Oh
everyone has rules grown-up rules are
called laws for example I can drive as
fast as I want but if
go over the speed limit I may end up
with a speeding ticket so why do we have
all these rules wouldn’t life be easier
without them what might be easier
certainly not better and certainly not
safer for example if everybody drove as
fast as they wanted there’d be all kinds
of accident I guess that’s not good no
and see a lot of people look at the
Bible like it’s just a big fat book of
rules yeah it does seem like there are a
lot of rules and like Commandments and
stuff but the Bible is actually a book
of love God explains exactly how he
wants us to live because he cares about
us we all had to figure life out on our
own we’d all be in big trouble I don’t
know it seems like I make pretty good
decisions it’s because your mom and I
have been training you ever since you
were born
see everyone’s born with sin inside of
themselves which means we all like to
make selfish choices because it’s all
about us unfortunately our selfish
choices aren’t always a good choices so
how do we make good choices like in
showya through a little object lesson I
like to call what are you talking about
what we’re gonna need is a clear base
some water two signs and an arrow and so
this base is supposed to be your life
and on one sign it says bad choices and
we’ll put that over here the other sign
says good choices and we’ll put that
over here and this arrow will point
toward where most people lean with their
sinful ways which way do you think that
is I’m guessing since you said everyone
is born selfish that’s toward the bad
choices exactly we are naturally selfish
so the arrows gonna point this way but
if we follow Jesus and give him our
heart the Holy Spirit lives inside of us
so this water is the Holy Spirit and he
fills us let’s fill this face up shall
and the Holy Spirit has a different idea
for our life he’ll take our bad urges
and point them toward good choices cool
look at that now it’s pointing toward
the good choices yep so it’s all about
listening to the Holy Spirit exactly
great but how do I hear him well the
best way by reading your Bible the day’s
first comes from Luke 11 28 where it
says he replied blessed rather are those
who hear the word of God and obey it so
when we obey God he blesses us exactly
he’s not out to punish us he’s trying to
take care of us because He loves us and
when we obey Him it’s pretty amazing
let me show you a fun trick I’m gonna
take my water bottle here along with my
friend my little ketchup packet I like
to call him catchy
that’s a catchy name yeah I’m gonna put
him inside of the water bottle like this
I’ve been training kechi to obey my
commands he’s very good at listening
very good at obeying me really yeah I
think he kind of freaked out when I ate
his cousin Musti Oh anyhow he’s in there
ready to roll can you see him in there
now watch this it’s gonna follow my
catchy I want you to come down to the
bottom of this bottle right now come on
down and there he goes all the way down
to the bottom stay there don’t go up
until I tell you right go up can you go
follow my finger and tada
that’s amazing yeah watch this now
catchy I want you to come down but not
to the bottom come down about halfway
down the bottle Ready Set bring it down
bring it down stop right there stop okay
back up back up please and there he goes
back to the top how does that work watch
this let’s pretend there’s a string
attached to the bottom of catchy it’s
coming out the bottom of the bottle here
I’m gonna pull on this string ever so
slightly and watch what happens when I
pull on the string you can see my finger
pulling the string you should be coming
down here I’m pulling all the way down
to the desk can you see him now pretend
like you’ve got his scissors go ahead
and cut that string can you cut it and
now I should go right back up to the top
you see him floating up to the top there
amazing how do you do that well he’s
pretty good at obeying very cute dad but
please tell me how does this work I will
but why don’t you catch up on some of
your chores first and then I’ll tell you
with a good attitude please yes Father
you can start by taking my barbells up
to the attic so Sadie what have you
I’m under your Bibles up pretty heavy I
meant about the lesson oh I learned that
the Bible isn’t really a book of rules
if you book of love and it teaches us
how to live so God can bless us okay
exactly and I also learned it’s
important to obey your parents very good
so did you get your chores done
yes now will you show me how to do the
ketchup thing pretty simple all you have
to do is put your hand on the side of
the bottle when you want to catch a
packet to go down you just squeeze the
bottle you know what I think I think
it’s stuck there let me be good to go
down I meant after I put the lid back on

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