10 Things Christian Teachers Should Expect

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Christian teacher leading in prayer
Christian teachers teach all the time, whether they know it or not. I think to keep teaching fun, God provides us the occassional “aha” or teaching moment. It’s our job to recognize those windows of opportunity to unite kids with their God and a greater understanding of the faith. Besides these golden moments, Christian teachers should expect a few other things. If you’ve decided to teach children or have been teaching for a long time, review these 10 things Christian teachers should expect.
1) Expect some sleepness nights. If you were just teaching ABCs and 123s you could work hard and then lay down peacefully for a good night’s sleep. However, your teaching is meant to win and keep souls, a bigger responsibility than providing basic education, although that’s a huge one. From experience, praying for kids is a constant responsibility that can cost you sleep. It’s worth it to know you’ve done all!
2) Expect to be different. You are unique and not like any other teacher. Expect your differences and special qualities to become more apparent during your tenure as a teacher.
3) Expect to give loads of hugs. Kids are affectionate and loving. All children really want is love. They will forgive the awkward lesson and forgotten snack, as long as you show them how much you care.
4) Expect God-ordained teaching moments. I mentioned this already but it bears repeating. Toss out the lesson when these moments arrive. Go with the Spirit!
5) Expect to find hidden skills in others. As a leader, you’ll have to learn how to find hidden skils  in volunteers. For example, if a helper is a good singer, move her towards helping with worship. If he’s  good with inpsirational games, nudge the volunteer toward planning some activities. Expect to help people find their place.
6) Be prepared, always. Have a go-to lesson, or two, ready for emergencies. People get sick, life emergencies happen. If you have to fill in for a teacher, you won’t have to worry.
7) Don’t segregate yourself with the kids. Seek fellowship with adults regularly.
8) Expect to say, “No” occasionally. This means to kids, parents and staff. You need time off too.
9) Expect to invest in your ministry. I have worked with different size churches with different budgets. There have been times when I’ve created curriculum on a shoestring budget. There’s also times when money was not a problem. Regardless, you should expect to invest in your ministry. Buy tools for yourself that will help you teach like a day planner or some special software.
10) Expect to share. If you don’t have enough for the whole class, keep it tucked away. Don’t eat or snack in front of kids without sharing. Sharing sets a good example for the kids you are destined to reach.
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