"Empty Tomb & Defeated Devil" Cartoon Page

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Easter coloring sheet about Satan's defeat
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Elgin has created this cartoon illustration for Easter. It shows the empty tomb and a large “Vacant” sign. Meanwhile a cartoon character of the Devil looks on in frustration. You can use the black & white version as a coloring sheet.
Directions: Click on the preview image above to download this coloring page as a print-friendly PDF document. We’ve also uploaded the PNG image for advanced users to edit. If you want an example page to show the children, look below for the completed artwork in PDF or GIF format.
This cartoon style might not be right for all churches. We don’t want to minimize the reality of Satan and his ongoing war against Christ. However, this playful interpretation of his defeat would be prefect to start conversations about Jesus’ victory over sin and death. Leave a comment below to let us know what you think.
Cartoon showing the Devil frustrated on Easter morning
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