Christmas Object Lessons for Children’s Church

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If you didn’t know it was Christmas, you would if you visited kids’ church. Children are excited and ready for the big Christmas Day reveal. Between the heightened levels of excitement, sugary treats and Christmas parties it is no wonder kids don’t float near the ceiling! Teachers may find teaching children’s church challenging during these times. What a great time to incorporate Christmas object lessons!
Use short Christmas object lessons and activities to teach kids the true meaning of the holiday. Here are a few ideas you can use in your class or church.
Candy Cane Lesson
For this object lesson, you will need one giant plastic candy cane, like the ones used as Christmas decorations. Hide a box or bag of candy canes to give children afterwards. Here is the lesson to use.
Children, do you see this candy cane? It’s not just a sweet treat, it has a special meaning. Would you like to know what it means? The candy maker that invented the candy cane wanted people to remember Jesus birthday. He used colors and this shape to do that.
Let’s look at the first color, white. First because Jesus mother was a virgin. That means, his mother, Mary never had a boyfriend—God was Jesus father. Second, the color white means Jesus was perfect. He never sinned. You know like telling lies, stealing or disobeying parents, he never did those things.
Second is the red stripe. The red color stands for the blood of Jesus. Because Jesus never sinned his blood was pure to God. Jesus would die so our sins would be covered and invisible to God, if we except Jesus.
The candy cane has a shepherd hook shape. The shepherds were the first to hear the good news about Jesus. When Jesus got older, he because the Great Shepherd.
Does anyone have questions? Who wants a candy cane?
Where Was Jesus Born
Before class, place a variety of “homes” on a table. There should be a plastic castle, an igloo, a pyramid, log cabin and a barn or manger. If you can’t find all these homes, use a posterboard and draw some or clip photos from magazines.
Talk to children about where Jesus was born. You might say, “Was he born in an igloo of ice?” “Are you sure” Then continue through the list. Even if kids know the answer, it is a fun way to reinforce it.
Holding Baby Jesus
Before class write words from the song “Away in a Manger” on index cards. Don’t write the words “the” or “and.” Stick with the main words like manger, crib, bed. As children arrive in class, tape the cards to their shirts and tell them not to remove them; one card per child.
Wrap a baby doll in a blanket and hold him. Lead the class in the song, “Away in a Manger.” Explain to children that as the words of the song are sang, they must pass the baby to person who matches the word. Tell them to be careful holding the pretend “baby Jesus.”

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  1. Dear Mimi,

    Great illustration but the following phrase is not what I think you mean “If we except Jesus.” Surely you mean If we accept Jesus.

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