Game Ideas for Your Church Bus Ministry

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Girl riding on school bus
The church bus ministry entails much more than finding new kids and loading them on the bus for Sunday. Transit time is valuable and perfect for ministering to kids with fun games. Bus games give kids a chance to get to know one another and you. An exciting game also engages the child’s attention and keeps busy hands out of trouble. Before you and your team roll out of the parking lot gather a few supplies and choose one of these bus games.
Always explain the rules and the object of the game.
Raise It Up: Sit or stand at the front of the bus. Call out the name of an object like a Bible, peppermint or a tissue. Tell the kids to raise up the object over their head. Whoever raises it first, wins. Give candies or small prizes to the child who gets their object up first.
The Grocery Store: This talking game is more fun when you have many children to participate. Start the game by saying, “My father owns a grocery store and he sells apples, bananas and…” Each child repeats the phrase, adding a grocery item that matches the letter. If someone misses an item, you must start over.
Guess the Pennies: Count a pile of pennies and add them to a large plastic pickle jar. Shake the pennies and ask kids to guess how many are in the jar. Write down each guess on a piece of paper. Do this for a few weeks and then award the child who comes the closest to the actual number with a prize.
Simon Says: Simon Says isn’t just a standing game, it makes a good sitting game too. Lead the game by instructing children to only perform the actions proceeded by “Simon Says.” Give kids some silly instructions like “clap your hands” or “wiggle in your seat.”
Toilet Paper Race: You’ll need two rolls of toilet paper for this game. Give one roll to two volunteers at the back of the bus. When you give the signal, children must roll the paper to the front of the bus. The goal is to make one long, unbroken roll from back to front. Kids must stay in their seats and the if paper breaks, they must start over. Kids can roll under the seats or pass it over the seats.
Sleeping Game: The sleeping game is great fun for bus riders. Tell the kids to pretend they are asleep from bus stop to bus stop. They can’t move, make a sound or talk or they’ll lose. Reward winners with a round of applause or a treat.
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