Creation Spin Wheel Craft

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Printable Creation Spinwheel Craft
This is a great, but simple craft to help the children in your class remember what happened during the days of Creation. You can use this page at the beginning of your creation study to give the children an overview of what they can expect to learn about. It can be printed in black and white and used throughout your study. Each day of Creation that you study, the children can color the corresponding day on the craft. This craft can also be used at the end of your Creation study and used as a review.

To complete your craft, each child needs a copy of each page (the cover wheel and the segregated wheel), a brad, and scissors. The pages can be printed in color or black and white depending on how you are going to use it in your class. Simply have the children cut out the segregated circle remembering to not cut out the inside lines, just the outside circle. Then have them cut out the cover wheel. They can then cut out the triangle shaped piece out of the cover wheel. Finally, they can attach the cover wheel on top of the segregated wheel. Turning the cover wheel will show each day of Creation.
I hope you and your children enjoy using this in class to help with your Creation study.

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