"Erase the Verse" Bible Memory Game

Here is another activity to help kids memorize a scripture verse in a group setting. This one is perfect for longer verses and works best with a smaller group of kids (less than 15). Let me know what you think

10 Keys to a Great Kids Ministry Games

On Sunday mornings, I teach kids about the Gospel of Jesus of Christ.  It is the highlight of my week without fail.  It combined two things that I am very passionate about – kids and the Gospel.  On Wednesday nights,

Wheel of Fortune Bible Review Game

Children love to learn and are quick to absorb new knowledge, but to ensure their new knowledge is long-lasting requires review and repetition.  It is important to regularly check your kids’ knowledge to see if they are remembering all the

9 Classic Group Games

Don’t  reinvent the wheel – just roll out these classic games kids still love! Use the download links below to keep a printed copy on hand in your teaching space. Some lessons have a related game, which is ideal. Often

3 Active Games for Children’s Church

Let’s face it—the last thing some kids want to do is sit still and listen to a teacher talk for 45 minutes, especially after a long week of school. Keep kids interested in learning about God’s word by using playful