Kids Ministry Game Idea: Object Freeze Tag

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You might think kids would get tired of tag games, but that’s just not the case. Here is a variation of classic freeze tag we play in our children’s ministry. Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Well defined play area, an outside field or gym would work well
  • Two soft objects to use for tagging
  • A whistle (optional)
  • Between 10-20 minutes

Game Directions: Show the kids the boundaries and instruct them to stay within during the game. Designate one child as the ‘freezer’ and another as the ‘un-freezer.’ Blow the whistle to start the game. The freezer should tag people with their object to freeze them. The un-freezer will do the opposite. After about 30 seconds, blow the whistle and the players must hand off their objects to whoever is closest to them. After a few turns makes sure ever child gets a chance to play each role.
This is the kind of children’s ministry game that works best with similar aged children, like in Sunday School. But you can see from my video that a mixed group can enjoy the fun too. This is prefect for a VBS game where you only have about 20 minutes to play. If your a school teacher this would be one of those handy recess games. You might also add this to your rotation of AWANA games.
Please leave us a comment with your variations for this game.

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