Open Content Policy for Website Content

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Yes! We want you to use our content.

This page offers some guidelines for re-publishing our content online and in print.  As always, we want local churches to printout and distribute our materials within the church. These are suggestions are for other uses beyond direct kids ministry. If you have additional questions just leave a comment on this post.
Can I teach these lessons in my church?
YES – that’s the whole point of our website. You have our permission and blessing to use our lesson plans and articles in the context of your local church ministry.
May I copy an article from your website and post it on mine?

  • YES – with a few conditions. Your webpage should link back to the original source url on our site and give credit to the author. Please use this in moderation, only one copied article per month. Contact us if you need more.
  • Example – we want you to repost our articles on your church website or personal blog. Just follow our guidelines about linking back and citing the author.

What form should I use to credit the author and

  • We do not have a mandated form but ask that you include the name of the author, the name of the website ( and a link to the original article.
  • We would suggest something like “Article written by [AUTHOR NAME] for ([ORIGINAL ARTICLE URL])

May I reprint an article from your website in my publication?

  • YES – for nonprofit publications as long as you include our website url and credit the post author.
  • Example – if you have a church newsletter you should just add something like “written by ____ for” This also works for denominational newsletters or magazines.
  • For other uses you should contact us first.

May I upload an image from your website to my website?

  • MAYBE – some of our images are from Stock Exchange and you’ll need to check permissions there for the specific image.
  • Please do not copy the coloring pages, just link back to the post that features them.

May I use an image from your website in my offline publication?

  • MAYBE – some of our images are from Stock Exchange and you’ll need to check permissions there for the specific image.
  • For coloring pages, printing them in your church is good but please don’t upload them to your any websites.

May I package and sell your materials or lesson plans?

  • NO – we want our content to stay free.

Further Explanation

Our main concern with online use of the materials is having duplicate content in the search engines. Adding a direct link back to the source page (per the guidelines above) will prevent any problems.
Our main concern with offline use of our content is giving proper attribution to the writer. We want to make sure people know who to thank when they get to heaven.
If you do choose to use our content, and we hope you will, we would appreciate it if you would send us an e-mail letting us know what you are using and how. That information helps us to tailor the site to meet the needs of our users.

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