How To Create a Discipline Plan for Your Ministry

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This online training workshop (20 minutes) will help you develop a consistent plan for dealing with behavior issues in your ministry. You can download the session notes or watch the video with others from your ministry team.

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Workshop Notes: Developing a Discipline Plan for Your Children’s Ministry

Girl showing confussion
Misconceptions about Discipline

  1. Discipline = mean, harsh, strict
  2. Kids don’t like rules.
  3. We can’t discipline at church.
  4. If we discipline kids won’t like us.

Why discipline is necessary:

  1. Four basics of a plan . . .Because we love the kids (Hebrews 12:6)
  2. We want kids to learn.
  3. We want kids to be safe.
  4. We want volunteers to stay.


  1. Our purpose is to disciple.
  2. Consistent throughout the ministry.
  3. Well-communicated

Step 1: Determine the Rules

  1. Just 3-4
  2. Keep them more general than specific.
  3. Make them memorable.
  4. Post them everywhere

Step 2: Determine Consequences

  1. Clear
  2. Progressive
  3. Define when parents will be involved and by who

Step 3: Communicating the plan

  1. To volunteers
  2. To parents
  3. To kids

Step 4: Stick with it

  1. Cultures don’t change overnight
  2. Kids will test limits.
  3. Consistency and love win.

Group Discussion (comment on this page)

  • Leave a comment below describing your ministry’s discipline policy.

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