How to Write a Lesson for Children’s Ministry (Video)

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In this workshop, you will learn the basic process of creating a lesson plan for your children’s ministry. Before you start, you can print this page and use the lesson outline below to take notes.

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1. Identifying your purpose.

a.Who are you teaching?
b.What is the context?
c.How many kids?
d.What length of time?
e.What is the main truth you want kids to get?

2. Key Basics

a.Your truth needs to be on the kids’ level.
b.Everything you do in your lesson should point back to the main truth.
c.Seek to vary teaching approaches to help meet learning styles.
d.Fun. Active. Meaningful.


a. Pray for the Holy Spirit to work through you.
b. Read and understand the Scripture.
c. Search for lesson ideas

  • Internet
  • Books/magazines
  • friends

4. Planning the Lesson (Four Parts)

a. Introducing the Truth

  • A fun activity that gets kids to start thinking towards the main idea of the day.
  • Short, but interactive

b. Sharing the Truth

  • This is where kids read and interact with the actual Scripture.
  • There are a variety of ways to do this. Mix it up: Kids read, Grown ups read, Act it out, Watch a video of it, Interactive storytelling
  • Be creative – This is the MOST EXCITING story ever told.

d.Exploring the Truth

  • This is where you dive deeper into the main truth.
  • Activities to help reinforce: Games, Crafts, Drama, Snacks, Memory verse, Worksheets/coloring sheets

e.Reviewing the Truth

  • Review the main truth
  • Closing activity: Reflective, Memory verse, What will make it stick?
  • Ask questions: If your mom asks what we talked about today, what would you say? What can you do differently this week because of what we’ve talked about today?

5. Get ready

a. Make a list of all resources you need.
b. Get them and prep them.
c. Know the lesson inside and out.
d. Pray.

Share Your Thoughts

  • What process have you used in the past to create lesson plans? What tips would you share with others? Join the conversation by leaving your comments below.

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