4 Ways to Encourage the Discouraged Leader

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4 Ways to Encourage the Discouraged Leader

Leadership comes with a huge amount of responsibility and sometimes the leader doesn’t always get it right. Even if they do, that doesn’t mean the leader is immune to discouragement. If you sense your leader is struggling with discouragement you don’t have to sit back and wait for things to get better. YOU could be the person God uses to turn it all around. Encouraging the discouraged leader doesn’t require a counseling degree. Sometimes knowing that someone sees and cares is enough to strengthen a leader. Here’s what you can do!

1. Lighten the load. Discouragement often comes because the leader tries to do too much. (We can’t help it. We’re notorious micro-managers.) Offer (again) to take some of the load. He doesn’t have to print all those copies, you could do it for him. She doesn’t have to stock the Bible Bucks store, you could do it. Find some way to lighten his or her load. Do so quietly and patiently.

2. Stop bringing problems to the pastor–bring solutions.  Which would your pastor rather hear? “You know that light is out again in the nursery,” or “Hey, I changed that flickering light in the nursery.” Be a problem solver, not a problem finder.

3. Provide ministry updates in a convenient way. Sure your leader loves you and your ministry but do you really need to hang out in his office for an hour to talk about it? Send an update via email and focus on the positive!

4. Share testimonies. Remind your leader what he’s accomplished. Talk about the children that were saved, the parents who were encouraged. Again, focus on the positive! Your leader needs to remember why he’s doing this! Privately and without telling the world  your pastor or leader is discouraged, ask for members to write thank you notes. Surprise the leader with a thank you gift or a collection of notes from his people. That will go along way in encouraging him.

You can do it! Take a look at Mimi’s blog at Tools for Kids Church.

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