"Easter Story" Video Clip for Kids (FREE Download)

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We just discovered another helpful video that presents the Easter Story for children. This one is just over 4 minutes long and would be a perfect supplement to any lesson plan about Jesus’ Resurrection. See more free Easter videos from Crossroads Kids.

Download on VIMEO (look for the download button under the video)

The download is free on Vimeo.com if you sign up for their free account. I love they way they show that Jesus was motivated by God’s love and desire to save us from our sin. Very child appropriate and fun to watch.
Animated Story of Easter

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5 thoughts on “"Easter Story" Video Clip for Kids (FREE Download)”

  1. Hi Tony
    Really enjoyed the easter story. May I please use it for our children ministry at church which we will post online. I just want to use a different language with your story as the backdrop.


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