Exciting St. Patrick's Day Promotions for Kids Ministry

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Exciting St. Patrick's Day Promotions for Kids Ministry
Need some promotion ideas for March? Boost your attendance and create some excitement with these St. Patrick’s Day promotions for kids’ ministry. Send home quarter-page flyers home each week to encourage the child’s attendance for the following week. Pop full-page flyers in the mail to kids who don’t attend regularly. Distribute flyers in your community and build your kids church with seasonal promotions like these for St. Patrick’s Day. I’ll admit most of these aren’t very spiritual but they are great ideas for promotion and marketing.
Meet Louie the Leprechaun
Have an extra elf costume lying around from the Christmas holidays? An elf costume is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day too. Encourage kids to attend and meet your “leprechaun.” Ask a volunteer, (short in stature volunteer) to wear the suit and shake kids hands. This promo works best if you can talk a friend into volunteering that kids aren’t familiar with.
Who’s the Greenest?
For this promotion kids need to dress up in as much green as possible. Have a bag of chocolate coins to give to the “greenest” kid. Besides green clothing, kids can wear face paint, green-striped socks and even shamrock headbands. Have a panel of volunteer judges choose who is the greenest.
Pick a Plant Day
It’s spring-or pretty close to it! For this promo, visit a nursery or your favorite home improvement store. You need enough green, baby plants for each child to take one home.
Pot O Gold Sunday
Fill a small cardboard box (that you’ve decorated as a treasure box) with gold coins. Hide the box in your kids church of Sunday School class before the kids arrive. During your lesson, give clues to the whereabouts of a special treasure hidden in your room or facility. When kids work out the clues, they’ll find a treasure box to open and share.
Get playful with these fun ideas for St. Patrick’s Day.
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