St. Patrick's Day Games for Kids Ministry

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St. Patrick's Day Activities for Kids Ministry
You’ve got excited kids headed your way–are you ready for some St. Patrick’s Day fun? Implement some of these activities and keep your little ones busy during gaps in your schedule. I have found that it never hurts to have Plan A along with some fillers from Plan B. Sticking to the seasonal aspect, I have created activities that I think will interest kids and keep them in the green theme.
Racing to Ireland
For this game, you’ll need a start and finish line on the floor. I use contractor’s tape because it is easy to see and remove when you are done. At the start line, place two suitcases. Inside each suitcase there should be a green button up shirt, a green jacket, a green hat and maybe some green, novelty sunglasses. Divide your class into teams. When you give the signal, the first person on each team must open the suitcase, put on all the clothing, take the suitcase and race to the finish line. When they get there, they must remove all the clothing, put them back in the suitcase, race the case back to the start line. This continues until the whole team has been to “Ireland.” One team will be the winner.
Lucky, Lucky, Blessed
This game is essentially “Duck, Duck, Goose” only the players say, “Lucky, Lucky, Blessed.”
Glitter Jars
Fill empty paint jars or small glass Mason jars with 1/2 cup of glitter. Drop in one or tiny paper shamrock. Close the lid on the jar and secure it with hot glue. (If you don’t secure the lid, some child will open it.) Kids can shake the jar to find the shamrocks. For little kids (who do love visuals like this) try using an empty plastic peanut butter jar or something safe if it gets dropped.
Have fun with these St. Patrick-inspired activities for kids church!
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