Facilities: Do You Have Room For Your Children's Ministry?

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If you were to poll 100 children’s ministers, pastors, and directors, you’d probably find that a vast majority of them would love to have “better” Children’s Ministry facilities. For those that work with children week in and week out there is always a temptation to dream about how great it would be to have ______. For the small church, some leaders would love to have a multi-purpose children’s ministry room or a place that they can play games & activities. For the medium-sized church, some children’s leaders would love to have a new playground, an updated children’s area, or a fresh paint in the Sunday School building. For the large church, the children’s pastor would love to have the newest and flashiest gadgets, themed children’s church decorations and facilities in order to attract more kids to the church.
Wherever you are in children’ s ministry, you can probably name two or three facility upgrades that would “make your day” if you could get them done. The only obstacle in your way is money – and that is an obstacle that churches of all sizes face. At the church where I serve, we are getting ready to make some changes to our flooring as well as re-surface the playground.

What About Your Children’s Ministry Facilities?

  • What are some areas of your children’ s ministry that you would love to see improved?
  • For those of you that have made recent improvements to your facilities, what went right and what went wrong?
  • Do any of you wish that you hadn’t “improved” a certain facility?

I’d be interested, as would others, to hear your stories.

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