Lesson: A Heart of Worship

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Children trust the Lord much easier than adults, and so singing praise to Him comes more naturally to them. This lesson will focus on a Psalm about praise and teach the children more about worship. They will learn why God deserves to be worshiped and what it means to give him praise. This children’s ministry material was first prepared for a Sunday School lesson, but you could easily modify it to teach in children’s church.

Scripture: Psalm 100
Target Age Group: Age 7 – 11 (U.S. 1st – 5th Grade)
Time: 20 Minutes
Learning Context: Sunday School or Kids Church
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Learning Goals:

  • Children will express what they learn from Psalm 100 about praise.
  • Children will express the reason the Lord deserves praise.
  • Children will learn to give praise to the Lord.

Learning Indicator: Children will identify truths about God taught in this Psalm.
Learning Activity #1:
Establish the lesson briefly by explaining to the children praise to the Lord is a way to acknowledge the Lord for Who He is and that it’s similar to telling a person something that you like about them.
Read Psalm 100, one verse at a time giving an explanation of the different ways and reasons for praising the Lord.

  • Verse 1 teaches us that the Lord rules over all of the earth and when we shout with joy it’s an expression of gratitude for His power.
  • Verse 2 shows us that worship is a service to the Lord and we should enjoy it and we express it when we sing with joy.
  • Verse 3 reminds us that the Lord is in control of all things, He is our creator, and that we belong to Him.
  • Verse 4 talks about coming into the Lord’s presence with gratitude and praise.
  • Verse 5 speaks of God’s goodness, eternal love, and continual faithfulness.

Learning Activity #2:
Ask the children to verbalize all the truths they know about the Lord so they can get in the mood to praise Him.  Build on what they learned about the Lord from Psalm 100.

  • He created everything and everyone.
  • He never leaves us even though we might feel alone.
  • He loves us forever and demonstrates His love for us.
  • He has great power and not even Satan is stronger than Him.
  • He sees everything and nothing can be hidden from Him.
  • He makes plans for our life that give us a future and a hope.

Learning Activity #3:
Sing familiar songs of praise with the children. Include songs that have hand motions so the children can express praise toward the Lord with their whole body.
Song suggestions: Jesus Loves Me; Father Abraham; Lord, We Lift Your Name; and Our God is So Big.
Re-read Psalm 100 and then give a list of possible truths from it and have the children say, “Praise the Lord” if it was mentioned. (All will be true so they can practice giving verbal praise to the Lord.)

  • Does God want us to praise Him with shouts?
  • Does the Lord love us forever?
  • Does the Lord want us to come to Him with thanksgiving in our hearts?
  • Does the Lord want us to know about Him?
  • Did the Lord make us?
  • Is the Lord good?

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  1. I love this lesson about praise. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day and also a great way to encourage the children to learn songs to sing. Thank you so much for offering this lesson for free. I intend to visit your site again to search for other lessons.:)


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