Jesus and the Adulterous Woman (Children's Church Lesson)

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This Bible lesson for children is based on John 8:1-11, the story of the Adulterous Woman talking to Jesus. This lesson shows how willing Christ is to forgive every sin, even the ones our culture considers unforgivable. It could be used in children’s church or expanded for a kids Sunday School lesson. Please leave any suggestions at the bottom of this page.
When dealing with adult subjects such as adultery you should be careful to explain the concept at a child’s level. Here are two ways to define adultery that helps children see the point while preserving their innocence. Many children will already know more, but remember the point of the lesson is Jesus’ forgiveness more than the woman’s sin.

  1. Adultery is when a person does not keep their marriage promises.
  2. Adultery is when a person pretends that someone else is their husband/wife who is not.

Curriculum text: John 8:1-11; Exodus 20:1-17
Time: 20 minutes
Learning Objectives: After this lesson…

  • Children express their knowledge of the key people and events in this passage by retelling the story to the other children.
  • Children express what they understand about Jesus from the story by identifying the point of the lesson.
  • Children express their understanding about the enemies of Jesus.

Lesson Target Age: Kindergarten-5th grade.
Materials Needed:

  • [print_link] this lesson plan
  • Bible: John 8:1-11; Exodus 20:1-17. Prepare beforehand a copy with the important points highlighted to ensure specific explanations on them.
  • Visual Aids: Pictures of Jesus, Adulterous women, Scribes and Pharisees, and poster board listing the 10 commandments, various sizes of blocks.

Children’s Church Teaching Plan:

Establish the lesson by briefly explaining who the key people to the story are by showing the pictures of Jesus, adulterous woman, Scribes, and Pharisees. Make sure the children repeat their names or the description of each person.
Prior to reading the story, review the poster board listing the 10 commandments. Divide the children into two groups and ask one half to listen for what they learn about what the Scribes and Pharisees cared about most. Ask the other half of the children to identify what Jesus cared about the most.
Read (and Recap) John 8:1-11. Read with different voice inflections and stop to involve the children into the story. Reinforce the lesson by asking questions. Does Jesus forgive a sin if it is listed as one of the 10 commandments? Yes, He forgives all sins. Will Jesus throw stones at someone guilty of a sin? No. Ask the children, “Do you think there is a sin listed in the 10 Commandments that Jesus won’t forgive?” Say to the children, “Sometimes we do think that some sins are so bad that the Lord will not forgive us for doing it, but He always forgives us when we tell Him we are sorry.”
When you’re finished reading the story, use the pictures to review the important people and events in this story. Review the 10 commandments again.
Ask for a response from the children about their listening assignment. How did the Scribes and Pharisees treat the adulterous woman? How did Jesus treat the adulterous woman?
Select a volunteer to demonstrate the lesson Jesus had for the woman and the Scribes and Pharisees. Have the child talk about the different blocks that you brought to show the class. Talk about what makes them the same and what makes them different. Reiterate the fact that whether a sin is big or small, Jesus forgives all that come to Him in repentance. At this time it would be good to reinforce that all sin hurts the Lord but He forgives them all and talk about what sins they think Jesus might not forgive.

Children’s Church Lesson Evaluation:

  • Ask for three volunteers to retell the story to the class with role-play. Assign the children the role of Jesus, the woman, and one to represent the Scribes and Pharisees. Ask the rest of the children to take turns telling a portion of the story as the other three children act it out. Remember to prompt the children, by asking, “Do you remember what happened next?”
  • Ask for a volunteer to explain the difference between what Jesus and the Scribes and Pharisees cared about. Help them understand that Jesus cared about the woman, but the Scribes and Pharisees cared more about tricking Jesus and other people’s sin.
  • Give a list of possible lessons and ask the children to clap their hands if it was from the story.
    1. Jesus forgives whatever sins you do if you ask Him. Yes.
    2. God created woman from man’s rib. True, but not part of this story.
    3. God can make the sun stand still. True, but not part of this story.
    4. Jesus loves us no matter what sin we do. Yes.
    5. Jesus can walk on water. True, but not part of this story.
    6. People can be harder on us for our sins then the Lord is. Yes.

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  1. This is a very good lesson and breaks down what would have been a difficult subject to teach to the children, bringing it down to their level and at the same time making it fun to teach.

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