Lesson: Jesus and the Samaritan Woman

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This Bible lesson for children is based on John 4:5-39, the story of the Samaritan Woman talking to Jesus. It could be used in children’s church or expanded for a kids Sunday School lesson. Please leave any suggestions at the bottom of this page.

Bible Story: John 4:5-39
Time: 20 minutes

Learning objectives: After this lesson….

  • Children clearly identify the key people and events in this passage by answering questions and retelling portions of the story.
  • Children express what they learned about Jesus and His reaction to sin.
  • Children express what they learned about telling others about what Jesus did for them.
  • Children express their understanding of Jesus’ knowledge of all things.

Curriculum Target Age: 3rd-5th grade; older elementary children

Material Needed:

  • [print_link] this lesson plan
  • Bible, John 4:5-39 – Prepare beforehand a copy with the important points highlighted to ensure specific explanations on them.
  • Visual Aids – Jesus (at well if possible), Samaritan woman, disciples, Jacob’s well, map showing Samaria
  • Craft materials –  8 by 11 card stock paper, markers, stickers

Jesus and the Samaritan Woman Lesson Plan

Establish the lesson by briefly explaining the key people in the story by showing the pictures of Jesus, Samaritan woman, disciples, and using the map to identify the location of Samaria and Jacob’s well.

Before reading the story, divide the children into two groups and ask one group to identify what they learn about the Samaritan woman. Ask the other half of the children to identify the reaction of the disciples and the town people to Jesus encounter with the woman.

Read (and Recap) John 4:5-39. Read with different voice inflections and stop to involve the children in the story. Reinforce the lesson by asking questions. Did the woman come alone to the well? Yes. What do you think is the reason she came alone? She didn’t want to encounter other women from the town, because she had a bad reputation. How did Jesus treat the woman? He spoke to her in kindness. What made the woman surprised that Jesus spoke to her? She was a Samaritan and a woman (show the map of Samaria again and talk about the prejudice of the Jews with Samaritans because they weren’t full-blooded Jews). How did the disciples respond to Jesus talking to her? They were surprised, but didn’t say anything. Are there people you know that others might wonder the reason you would be friends with them? Say to the children, “It’s hard to be a person that people don’t like. What are reasons we might not talk to someone?” How did the town people respond to the woman’s words about Jesus? They went to see Him and came to believe in Him.

When you’re finished reading the story, use the pictures to review the important people and events in the story.

Ask for a response from the children about their listening assignment. What did they learn about the Samaritan woman? How did the town people respond to Jesus?

Select three volunteers to demonstrate the encounter that Jesus had with the woman. Have one child be Jesus, another the Samaritan woman, and the third the narrator. Divide the rest of the children as either the disciples or town people.

Reiterate to the children the truth that the Lord loves everyone and provided salvation for all no matter their color or race. Have the students make a simple card either inviting someone to church with them or telling them that Jesus loves them. Instruct the children to have a specific friend at school or in their neighborhood that they are to make the card for and give to during the next week. At this time it would be good to reinforce the truth that Jesus loves us no matter what bad things we have done.

Lesson Evaluation

  • Ask several volunteers to retell the story to the class with role-play. Assign the role of Jesus, the Samaritan woman, disciples, and town people. Ask the rest of the children to take turns telling a portion of the story as the other children act it out silently. Remember to prompt the children by asking, “What happened next?”
  • Ask for a volunteer to explain how the Samaritan woman had been changed by her encounter with Jesus and another to explain the change in the town people.
  • Give a list of possible lessons and ask the children to raise their hand if it was from the story.
    • Jesus provides salvation for all no matter what sin they do. Yes
    • Jesus heals the sick and blind. True, but not part of the story.
    • Jesus knows what we are doing even if we don’t tell Him at first. Yes.
    • Jesus walked on water. True, but not part of the story.
    • Jesus loves everyone. Yes.
    • Jesus spoke in the synagogues. True, but not part of the story.

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  1. Thank you for the lesson. My third grade daughter watched it this morning. I told her about Jesus and the woman at the well last night and looked for your presentation just now. I hope many more children will find it to better understand and share Jesus’ love.

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