Printable "John 3:16" Bible Memory Flash Cards

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Having children memorize the Bible is a wonderful activity to do during your Sunday School class. By having them memorize the Bible, it will always be with them wherever they go.
John 3:16 is a very popular verse to have children memorize as it reminds them of why Jesus was sent to earth for us.

I have put together these cards to use to help you in your class. These can be used in various different ways so you can use them as you see fit in your class. Here are some ideas:

  • Print out a copy of the cards onto cardstock paper for each child.Pair up the children and have them play memory with the cards. Once all of the cards are found, you can have them glue them in order onto a piece of construction paper.
  • Print out a copy of the cards (1 per child) and pass them out. Have them cut out the parts and them mix them all up. They need to then put them all together again in the right order.
  • Print out the cards, cut them out, and hide them around the room. Have the children find the parts and put them together in the right order.

Have a wonderful time teaching the children in your class about John 3:16.

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