Let Your Light Shine (Kid's Club – Lesson #2)

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How does God want to use each child’s specific abilities and talents? What admirable traits has God given each child that will help them serve him and others? In this second lesson of Kid’s Club (a fun time for children of all ages to get together and learn about God), children will discover how God has uniquely equipped them to “shine” the light of Jesus to the world.
SCRIPTURE: Matthew 5:14-16
MAIN IDEA: We should strive to “shine” as lights that point others to Jesus.
Stained Glass Window Craft (20 minutes)
MATERIAL(S): Stained Glass Window Craft Kit (from Oriental Trading), stained glass pictures
PREPARATION: Open each craft kit and set out the pieces in front of each child’s chair (so the pieces are easier to see and assemble).
WHAT YOU WILL DO: Say, “Today’s activities are about ‘shining’ as lights for Jesus. Have you ever been in a dark place? How did it make you feel? What was it like to finally come back to a place where there was light?” Explain to the children that Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount is recorded in the book of Matthew, and today we will learn about using our good works and specific abilities to show others the love of Christ. Read Matthew 5:14-16. Ask, “What is our ‘light’ (the gospel message, service, love, sacrifice, etc.)? Why is it important to share our ‘light’ (because people need to know Jesus)?” Talk about the beauty of stained glass windows while showing the pictures. Help the class understand that light is especially beautiful when it shines through the windows, and the same is true for us when we allow our light to shine in the unique ways God has equipped us to serve. Then allow the children to work on their crafts as each person takes a turn sharing their unique abilities, interests, and talents. Encourage each child by giving them practical ways to let their individual light “shine” through their abilities.
Flashlight Scavenger Hunt (10 minutes)
MATERIALS: flashlights, small items to hide (such as prizes or small chocolate coins)
PREPARATION: Hide the items in a dark room (making sure the items will be visible when a flashlight is shined on them).
WHAT YOU WILL DO: Tell the children they will find items in a dark room with their flashlights. Then pass out the flashlights and allow them to search for the items. When the activity is complete, discuss how our good works are like lights that point others to good things, like the best thing: Jesus! Lastly, allow the children to keep the small treasures they found.
“Let Your Light Shine” Devotion (15 minutes)
MATERIALS: bibles, “Let Your Light Shine” handout (download here), writing utensils
PREPARATION: Print a copy of the handout for each child.
WHAT YOU WILL DO: Reemphasize that God wants to use the specific personality traits, talents, interests, and abilities he’s given us to show others the love of Christ. Ask the children to turn to Matthew 5:14-16 in their bibles and read the verses silently (help the younger children). Then distribute the handout and writing utensils and talk to the children about identifying their strengths and brainstorming how God could use them (consider using yourself as an example). Lastly, ask them to quietly pray on their own and ask God to help them realize what he wants for their lives. Then the children may complete their devotion pages during class and/or take them home for further study. Remember to assist the younger children and add further explanation if necessary.
Prayer Time (5 minutes)
Take prayer requests and ask for volunteers to pray. Close the prayer by asking the Lord to help everyone show the “light” of Jesus!

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  1. This is a great lesson and I am very excited to implement it. I am sure our kids will be excited to learn about sharing their light!

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