Lesson: A Christian Mother's Example

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Lesson: A Christian Mother's Example
Mothers are uniquely gifted by God to nurture and teach others, so we have much to learn from them! This Mother’s Day lesson will help children understand that God uses mothers to help us grow in our faith. By looking at mothers around them AND three amazing mothers from the bible, children will be able to identify the positive attributes of a mother’s influence. In addition, a special craft will be created by each child to present to their mother!
OBJECTIVE: To understand that a mother’s influence is powerful when it comes to increasing our faith and being obedient to God.
MAIN IDEA: Learning from the mothers around us (and viewing examples from the bible) will help equip and motivate us to follow God’s will.
SCRIPTURE PASSAGES: Numbers 26:59, Exodus 2:1-10, Ruth 1:15-18 & 3:1-6, Luke 1:28-33
MATERIAL(S): “A Mother’s Example” handout, writing utensils, card stock paper, decorative paper or colored construction paper, markers, glue sticks
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Introduction (10 minutes)
OPENING PRAYER: “Lord, thank you for the mothers around us. Help us learn from their examples as we strive to obey your word. Amen.”
ICEBREAKER DISCUSSION *Handout (download here)*: Say, “Today is Mother’s Day, so we are going to start by discussing the most positive thing we’ve learned from our own mothers (or other mothers who have influenced us).” Start the discussion by describing a concept or principle your mother successfully ingrained into your upbringing while being sensitive to any children whose mothers may not be involved in their lives due to a variety of reasons. Allow volunteers to also comment. Then pass out the handout and a writing utensil to each child. Say, “Before we begin our lesson I want each person to write down at least two things you have learned from a mother. We are going to see that mothers are very important to our spiritual growth because a lot of their expectations copy God’s expectations.” Explain that we will write down more character traits as we study three specific mothers in the bible.
Lesson (15 minutes)

  1. Say, “The first mother in the bible we are going look at is Moses’ mother, Jochebed.” Read Numbers 26:59 and be sure to mention that Moses had older siblings (Aaron and Miriam). Then briefly explain that Pharoah had ordered all the Hebrews baby boys be killed before Moses was born, but his mother did something amazing to protect him. Read Exodus 2:1-10. Then ask the children to describe Jochebed’s actions (brave, wise, loving, bold, etc) and write the response under her name on the handout. Say, “Jochebed risked everything to obey God and protect her child. We learn from her example that we too can be bravely obedient to God.” Also draw attention to the blessing Jochebed received (receiving payment to continue nurturing her own child) because of her bold faith.
  2. Go on to explain that the next mother we will read about, Naomi, had a lasting impact on her daughter-in-law, Ruth. First explain that Naomi’s family moved because there was a famine, but soon her husband and both of her sons died! Then read Ruth 1:15-18. Ask, “Why do you think Ruth wanted to go with Naomi? What must have Naomi done to deserve such loyalty (taken the time to have a meaningful relationship with Ruth)?” Then go on to explain that the women were very poor when they returned home and Naomi continued her nurturing relationship with Ruth. Read Ruth 3:1-6. Say, “How would you describe Naomi’s advice (wise, kind, loving, etc)? Ruth ultimately followed Naomi’s advice and it led to Ruth’s marriage and the birth of a son!” Help the class understand that we can learn from other mothers around us. Then ask the children to list words that describe Naomi on the handout.
  3. Lastly, read about Jesus’ mother, Mary, in Luke 1:28-33. Ask, “How does the angel describe Mary (highly favored)? What does it take to be highly favored by God (obedience, trust, faith, humility, etc)?” Explain that Mary wasn’t perfect, but she agreed to trust God’s extraordinary plan for her life and have faith in his will. Ask, “So what can we learn from Mary’s example? Write several words that describe her on the handout.” Reiterate that all mothers make mistakes, but there is much to be learned through their guidance and care. Say, “Today we are thankful for the mothers who show us how to choose obedience, love God, and trust in his plan for our lives.”

Craft: “You Are My Example” (15 minutes)
Cut out various sizes of circles from the decorative paper ahead of time. Also, neatly write, “You Are My Example” at the top of the cardstock paper. During class, give each child a piece of paper and lay out the paper circles and markers where they are easily within reach. Tell the children they are going to make a “bubble” collage of the things they have learned from their mothers (or the person who has been a mother to them). Instruct the class to write one example on each circle and use as many circles as they desire. Then they will glue the circles to the cardstock paper in a fun pattern or shape (such as a heart or cross) that their mother will enjoy. Encourage each child to give their collage to their mother as a way to thank her for her example.
Conclusion (5 minutes)
RECAP: Even when a mother makes a mistake we can learn from her! We should be thankful to God for all the motherly influences in our lives.
CLOSING PRAYER: “God, thank you for giving us mothers. Please help us learn from their examples and grow stronger in our relationships to you. Amen.”

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  1. It’s really hard to be a mother as i have just become a single parent to two teenage children ages 21 & 18. Yes, teenagers for us here in the Philippines because they’re still studying (3rd & 1st year college) and it’s so hard sending them to school since my husband decided to abandon us almost 4 years ago. Only prayers really kept me to strong & move forward and articles like this really gives me a moral boost and felt empowered. Thanks and more power! Godspeed!

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