4 Stress Busters: Keeping It Together on Crazy Days

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4 Stress Busters: Keeping It Together on Crazy Days
Just like any other career stress is also present in children’s ministry. No matter what they say, stress can happen to anyone when put in the right situation. Now take a deep breath and forgive yourself for that. You are not superhuman and you are not a machine. You are real person, a Christian — that’s true, but you are not perfect yet. Rather than let stress lead to a meltdown try these four stress busters. I use most of these before a kid’s crusade,  Vacation Bible Schools or any other special event where stress tends to wreak havoc on me. Stress is contagious but if the leader can kill it then the less stressful your event will be. Ready to bust that stress?
1. Go on a 24 hour social media fast. I know you’ll be tempted to answer those last-minute questions and provide information but you just can’t. This will take some discipline but force yourself to stay off all social media 24 hours before the event. That means no Facebook, no Twitter and preferably no email. Instead, ask a volunteer or someone you trust to answer any event-specific questions. If you are normally busy on social media, give everyone a heads up and let them know that you will be absent while you prepare for this important ministry event.
2. Plan to reward yourself. Sometimes we perform better when we know we’re going to be rewarded. Sure, I know some will say ministry is its own reward and I heartily agree. However, there is nothing wrong with giving yourself a private reward to encourage yourself. For example, go ahead and buy those movie tickets for the day after the event. Make a dinner reservation for you and a volunteer, or your spouse for the day after the event. Perhaps your reward should be something related to ministry. For example, “Once VBS is through I’m going to buy…”
3. Put your favorite verse everywhere. Pick your verse. It should be one that speaks to you, that resonates with you — a verse that empowers you. Put that verse on everything that has to do with your event. Make it the screensaver on your phone. Make it the header on your Facebook page. Write it on index cards and put it all over your house. Get the kids involved! Have them repeat the verse with you every time you see one another. Before the greetings, before the hugs, repeat the verse to one another. You might be surprised at how useful this stress buster is for building your self up.
4. Seek joy. Find things that make you laugh. At least 24 hours before the event hang out with a friend that always makes you laugh. Listen to music that keeps your spirit light. Give yourself permission for the next 24 hours to be “super-excited” about God and your assignment. Get carried away with some awesome praise music. You’ll be glad you did!
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  1. Thank you for your awesome resources. God bless you and keep you. Words cannot convey how grateful I feel for your help and encouragement.

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