More Faith Less Fear (4-Week Curriculum) for Kids’ Sunday School

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More Faith Less Fear Curriculum for Kids

Every October, kids are under attack from creepy, scary, and satanic imagery. That’s why we created this new 4-Week Curriculum titled “MORE FAITH / LESS FEAR.” Now you can offer solid BIBLE answers to fears and help kids trust Jesus more during in this crazy season.

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Facebook Live with the Author, Bethany Darwin

More About The “More Faith Less Fear” 4-Week Curriculum

“More Faith / Less Fear” is unit two of our “Faith Over Fear” series designed to point your kids to God as their hope and refuge. In this Gospel-centered study, the meaning of faith is explored through the Hall of Faith in Hebrews 11.

Use this new series as a continuation of Faith Over Fear or a stand-alone unit during the month of October. These lessons are perfect to combat the fears typical to childhood and show children that God is bigger than all their fears. 

The theme verse is Psalm 27:1 – 

The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strongholdof my life; of whom shall I be afraid?


  • Introduction activities & games to help engage your class
  • Suggested worship song links
  • Large group Bible lesson
  • Small group (age-specific) discussion guides
  • Easy-print visuals to reinforce your teaching
  • Fear Connection – a simple activity to help children discuss the specific kinds of fears that are seen in the lesson.
  • Memory verse and learning activities
  • Take-home page with family devotion suggestions
  • Specific suggestions for life application
  • Guided prayer time


 The Bible lessons and the “focus fears” they address are:  

1. What are you Building? (Noah)

  • Text – Genesis 6-9
  • Main point – Following Jesus means being different from the world
  • Discusses the fear of being different

2. A Promised Son (Isaac)

  • Text – Hebrews 11:11-20 and Genesis 12, 15, 18, 21 & 22
  • Main point – Jesus is the Promised One
  • Discusses the fear of unknown situations

3. Eeny, Meenie, Miney, Moe (Jacob & Esau)

  • Text – Hebrews 11:10-21 & Genesis 25-27
  • Main point – God chooses His people
  • Discusses the fear of being left out

4. Let My People Go (Passover and Exodus)

  • Text – Exodus 11-14
  • Main point – God makes a way for His people.
  • Discusses the fear of bullies


  • Perfect for ages 4-11 (grades K-6 in the USA)
  • 4-weeks of teaching material
  • Suggested use dates October 2020
  • 122 pages 
  • Requires 45 minutes – 1 hour per lesson
  • Scripture verses from from ESV
  • This is an instant download curriculum
  • The perfect sequel to FAITH OVER FEAR study by Bethany Darwin. 

21 thoughts on “More Faith Less Fear (4-Week Curriculum) for Kids’ Sunday School”

  1. Thank you for such wonderful material. I have used your free materials on every mission trip I have taken to Poland. I teach children English on this mission trips. These children will find a better life and a better career as they grow because of their ability to speak English. And when planting seeds turns young non-believers into adult Christians, we all are in a better place.

    If I am selected for this free giveaway, I will be taking this material with me to Poland in 2021

  2. Fear is not only a problem for October but this whole year has put fear in our children. And there is no better comfort that what comes from God.

  3. I just started doing at home Bible study lessons with my daughter and two of her friends about a month ago and all of the helpful information I get is great!

  4. We have been searching for a curriculum to use for our children’s ministry virtually and this would be a great benefit.

  5. “ember” months naturally make people fear especially the little ones. The months are synonymous to sudden disappearance, bloody accidents, calamitous disasters, and in a country like Nigeria there is hike in everything. So i believe that this Bible study by the grace of God will take care of all that in the name of Jesus Christ.

  6. This series of teachings will be of great benefit to our Childrens’ Sunday School classes, ages 1- 14years, about 25-30 children, in all. They just resumed formal school this week and I trust God that these teachings will help build in them peace, and the assurance of God’s presence and protection as they settle back into regular classes.

  7. This material have been very helpful to my Sunday school children as it gives more guidance and lessons to share with God’s little children making it easier to reach and train them in God’s way. I really enjoyed and have fun when I teach the children with the free teaching guidance and even themselves they really enjoy and easy for them to gasp the teachings.

  8. Since our church is only open on 1 day a week, and I’m trying to start up our preteen meetings with no funds, this free curriculum would be wonderful.

  9. I have used quite a bit of the free curriculum over the past few years. It has been such a blessing for a small rural church to have these resources available. We have several kids who have been in the church since they were small, and others who have just recently begun attending church. I have been looking for curriculum that will not just give them the Old Testament stories, but help them establish and build their faith. This set of lessons looks like it will do that! Thank you for this opportunity!

  10. Our church is small. The funds are not always there to provide good curriculum for the Sunday School class. As teachers we scramble to put something together that would be fun and help our kids grow in their knowledge and faith.

  11. Looks like great material for my Kindergarten to 3rd grade class! I would try this out in our weekly Sabbath School 45 min class.

  12. I have read some of the comments and their are so many places that would benefit from this curriculum. I know just being in a small town church people haven’t been that scared and sometimes feel that if others stay away they will be fine. But I come from a town outside of the one I go to church at and everyone is dealing with this pandemic. This town is now experiencing a rise in covid cases due to some college students coming home and other reasons. We are now in-person learning again with guidelines in place but it is horrible to be at a computer all day every day. Let’s get back to seeing and teaching together. We all fear something, but we can get through it with God. This is a great way to help teach it at this time when things will change for many American children who would be looking forward to Halloween but it will be very different this year for them.

  13. This study would benefit our Kids church department especially now (with fear becoming a part of daily life) to have grounded spiritual ways to stay focused on God

  14. I would love to teach this to our kiddos. It’s a great message, especially during these trying times.

  15. This ministry would be wonderful as I am a retired teacher and thinking about starting a Good News Club at my home. I’m a little fearful and the right curriculum would make all the difference. Thank you for what you do everyday for children. You are appreciated. I know it’s a BIG job.!

  16. I would love to win this cirriculum for my kids at my church. Since we cannot congregate yet. I will be able to do packets for them and do the lessons via Zoom

  17. Some of my Sunday school students are at the age that everything is scary to them. This curriculum could really help clear some things for them

  18. Times right now are scary, even for some adults including myself. I would love to share this study with our youth and it would probably do me some good also Thank you Tony for all you do. God bless you

  19. I just found your page today. I was referred by a friend when I asked for ideas on how to teach on the Holy Spirit. (My child is on fall break and was asking for church homework). He loved the cryptography and is accustomed to PECS in special ed classes and he loved that too. Thank you so much for helping me get the word of God into him. I am compiling information for special needs class in our church. If you haven’t already done the giveaway, please enter my name as well! Micah’s momma

  20. Hi Demetria,

    We rand the random drawing and your comment was the winner. I’ve reached out to you by email to send you the downloads.


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