Object Lessons about Cleansing Sins

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Successful Christian living begins with an awareness of sin. Without this unhappy awareness, personal conviction of sins is impossible. Once a child understands that sin separates them from God and that they too have committed sin, they can receive the joyous message that Jesus’ blood cleanses our sins away. One good way to demonstrate how this cleansing occurs is through object lessons. As a children’s teacher myself, I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of visual lessons. They work wonders!
To help you demonstrate the strength and power of Jesus’ blood applied to a sinful life, I am offering you two ideas for object lessons. It is a good idea to set a respectful mood with quiet worship music. This helps the teacher transition from demonstration to action, if children show an interest in responding to the lesson.
Sandpaper object lesson: For this demonstration, you will need a block of wood, a pencil and some sandpaper. Cover a table with a black sheet so kids can see the sand easier. Show the block of wood and explain that the wood is like our souls. Tell kids that the Bible says everyone was born with sin so write the word “sin” a few times on the wood right at the beginning. Then talk about the sins we knowingly add. Share common sins from your own past like lying or disobeying parents. For every sin, write the word “sin” on the wood. Ask kids to name other sins like stealing. Write the word “sin” all over the wood until it looks covered.
Pass the wood around and let kids see how covered it is. Try to erase the pencil with the eraser. Kids will see that it is impossible to erase all the words completely.
Pick up the sandpaper and explain to kids that the sandpaper is like Jesus’ blood. He cleanses it away. Rub the pencil marks with the sandpaper. Ask kids if they can see the sand on the cloth. Say, that’s sin being removed by Jesus. Allow kids to take turns rubbing away the pencil marks until the wood is clean and mark-free. If appropriate, lead your kids in the sinner’s prayer.
Clean slate: You’ll need an easel, pad and markers. Write the word “sin” all over the paper as you talk to the kids. Like with the other object lesson, explain some common sins that everyone commits. Really mark the paper with different colored markers. Explain to the kids there is no way to erase the marks. Tell the kids about Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. Rip the sheet from the easel to show a fresh sheet. Tell the kids this is what happens whenever they repent of their sins.
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