Ping Pong Ball Object Lessons

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Got a few ping-pong balls handy? If so, you’ve got all you need for a few memorable Bible object lessons. This cool visual lesson is also great for new leaders and volunteers to try. Since ping-pong balls are so lightweight, you can get them to float easily in water and in the air. Pick up a pack of these balls and use them whenever you need a visual aid for a class or teaching session.
The Double Minded Man
James 1:8 says, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” You can’t live for God and for yourself; if you try, you’ll be double minded. That means, like this ping-pong ball, you’ll bounce back and forth. Let me demonstrate, I need a friend to stand at the opposite end of the table here. Okay, I’m going to bounce this ball to you with my paddle. The goal is to bounce the ball, back and forth. Let’s try.
A little back and forth is good in ping-pong but if you are talking about living for Christ. Keep your heart and mind focused on him!
The Purifying Word
You need a bowl of water, a dry erase marker and some ping-pong balls for this object lesson. Place the bowl on a table and show the kids that it is full of water. Talk about sin to the kids and write sins on the ping-pong balls with the dry erase marker. Cover each ping-pong ball with a sin, like stealing of lying.
Explain to the children that like these soiled ping-pong balls, our spirits get soiled when we sin. Say, “However, this bowl of water is like the word of God—it purifies us.” Place the balls in the water and roll them around until they are clean. Show the kids that one by one, God’s word will light up the dark places in our heart and make us clean and new.
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