3 Bible Object Lessons Using Building Blocks

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Toys make great Bible object lessons because kids know how they work and how much fun they can be. What kid doesn’t own blocks? When you give kids an example of a biblical principle or verse, demonstrated with toys, like building blocks, you’ll grab and keep their attention. Also, building blocks object lessons are perfect for up and coming teachers or new volunteers who want to try teaching. Purchase an inexpensive bag or box of blocks or dig through your child’s toy box for an exciting visual aid.
The Tower of Babel: Tell your class the story of the Tower of Babel and demonstrate it with building blocks. Build the tower high and knock it down afterwards. Talk about Nimrod and how the people plotted to overthrow heaven. Explain what God did to stop their progress.
Building trust: Everyone makes mistakes, even kids. Try as we might, we have to rebuild trust after a mistake is made. Explain to kids that the blocks are like trust. One step at a time, one block at a time, you can rebuild broken trust. Use building blocks to show that God forgives us immediately but it takes time for people to trust again.
The solid rock: (Matthew 7:24-27) We all know the story about building your house on solid ground. Ask a child to sit in a chair and give him several blocks to build a house with. He can’t build on the floor or the chair but only his lap! Kids will see that their lap does not make a good foundation for building anything. Relate this object lesson to building your life. We can build on Jesus Christ or take a risk and build on the sand.
Have fun with these exciting building blocks object lessons.
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