Printable "ABC Bible Word Cards"

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Printable “ABC Bible Word Cards” for Kids
I love combining the Bible with any other subject that we are learning in school. So that’s why I made these printable ABC Bible Word Cards for my first grader to practice his letter sounds as well as remember a little about the Bible.

Each letter of the alphabet has their own card with a word(s) that coincide with their sound(s). Some letters have two (or more) sounds. If that is so, like with the vowels, I put two of their sounds. Each sound has a word that is in the Bible that starts with that sound. There are short and long sound with words for each vowel and hard and soft for the letter “g”. I tried to use books of the Bible first, Bible characters next and, then if I couldn’t find any that I wanted to use, I then used another word that had a great meaning from the Bible.
I hope to use these with my classes at church as well. I think they’ll like them. This would also be a good activity for preschoolers learning the ABCs.
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  1. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful free resources you provide!! They have been so helpful to my
    small church and our small budget. I will be printing the Bible word cards.

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