Psalm 93 Sunday School Lesson for Kids

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This is lesson 26 of 33 in a series of lessons called “Praise God Through the Psalms.”

“Praise God Through the Psalms” – Psalm 93

Lesson focus: Through the book of Psalms and the worship of the people of Israel, we get a glimpse into the character of God and how we should rightly respond to Him in worship. In Psalm 93, we’re reminded of God’s majestic and sovereign rule over all. Through this lesson, kids will be challenged to question whether or not they have placed themselves under God’s rule, or if they are still trying to rule their own worlds.

Passage: Psalm 93
Target Audience: Kindergarten-4th Grade (can be adapted for older or younger children)
Teaching Time: 45 minutes – 1 hour
Materials Needed:  Bibles, blank paper, markers, a large sheet of paper
Optional Materials: if you want to be able to send the kids home with something each week, you can print the text of the Psalm on one side of a piece of paper and on the back print “I should praise God because He is ____________” (leave the rest of the page blank for drawing.

Early Arriver/ Opening 10 minuteshave a few board games out and play with kids as they arrive. Don’t underestimate the conversations that happen while playing “Jenga” or “Uno” with a group of kids.

Intro– – “Who’s the King?”- –Before playing, secretly choose one player to be the “king” and explain to that person that they will do silent actions trying to get people to copy them. Have the kids stand in a circle where they can all see each other. Explain that there is a “King” in the circle and they need to figure out who he is and do what he is doing. But that they can also try to get people to try and copy what they are doing. Everyone starts moving and doing random actions. The “king” will keep trying to get people to copy him until everyone is copying him. Play one round before discussion and again at the end if there is time.

Read the Text. . .Psalm 93 ….

    1. Have each kid in the group read one verse, or have 3 volunteers do the reading (divided amongst them). As you go through the Psalm continually ask kids (1) what is this Psalm telling us about who God is?, (2) what is this Psalm telling us about what God does and (3) what is this Psalm telling us about what God expects of His people and how His people should respond to Him.
    1. As you go through the Psalm, have a signal for the kids in the group to make (like a time-out signal- – a T with your hands) every time they hear another truth about who God is and/ what God is like/ or what God has done. Each time you take a time-out, briefly talk about that characteristic of God.
    1. Take a few minutes to talk about what truths this Psalm teaches us about God. Focus on the majesty and sovereign rule of God. Make sure to hit the following truths:
      (1) God reigns over all
      (2) He is majestic
      (3) He is strong and powerful- – He is mightier than the pounding waves
      (4) He has always been King and will be King forever
      (5) He is holy
      Since this is such a short Psalm, take some time to look at other passages that speak of the majestic and sovereign rule of God – Psalm 45:6, Psalm 47:8, Psalm 103:19, Isaiah 6:1-3, Lamentations 5:19, Hebrews 12:2 & Revelation 4.
  1. Cross- Connection– – Close the discussion on God’s sovereign rule by reading Revelation 5:9-14. Discuss what this passage tells us about Jesus and why He is the One who is worthy to take the scroll and judge the world. Talk about how He alone is worthy because He is the One who died for His people and purchased a people for God by His own blood. Remind kids of the sacrifice that Jesus made in our place and how He died the death we all deserve even though He is perfect and holy and that is why Revelation 5 says that He alone is worthy. Talk about how everyone is bowing down to some king – either we bow down to Jesus as the King of our lives, or we try to be king and rule our own lives. Help kids to see the need to repent of their desire to be their own king and turn to Jesus as the only true king.

Worship TimeAfter discussing the passage, distribute the paper and markers or pages printed with the text for the week. Explain that each week you want them to do three things in response to the Psalm…

    1. write a verse from the passage that they want to remember
    1. write a reason to praise God that they see in the Psalm
  1. draw of something from the passage that they think is important.

Give kids time to work on their pages and then have them share what they have drawn or written with the rest of the group.

Prayer– – Close in prayer by praying for the kids in the group that they would understand the sovereign rule of God and that they would turn aside from reigning in their own lives and submit their lives to the Lordship of Christ.

Extra Time – – Play a Bible Book game called “Roll the Dice.” For this game you’ll take turns rolling a large dice and naming as many books of the Bible as the number that comes up on the dice. Ways to make the game more challenging… (1) have kids name books in order, (2) write down the books that are named and don’t let those books be named a 2nd time until all other books have been named, or (3) if they roll and odd number they have to name OT books and if they roll an even number they have to name NT books.

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  1. I love kids very much since I was born again, I loved serving in children ministry, serving in children’s ministry will help you to read/study the bible and to pray and also to pray for them that will make them to love you so much even in the streets the children will call you saying teacher, teacher.
    thank you for your support I love you so much your materials are also helping me in the ministry but the challenge that I am facing now is the bibles for children I don’t know where to find them.
    stay blessed.

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